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Become the Expert: Understanding Hemp Products

Become the expert - understanding buying and using hemp products

Hemp is finally making a comeback, but are we doing it right? 

With so many knowledge gaps, misconceptions, bogus information, and inferior products flooding the market, learning the basics is absolutely essential.

For instance, did you know protein from hemp seeds is one of the healthiest superfoods on earth? And no, the seeds won’t get you high! 

But how do you know which hemp and CBD products you can trust? And what about all the other parts of this amazing plant so many people are overlooking?

This ‘Become the Expert’ course is designed for anybody who wants to make informed decisions and reap maximum benefits while navigating the world of hemp and CBD products.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Difference between hemp and cannabis
  • Foundational science of Cannabis Sativa L plants
  • Parts of the plant and what they are used for
  • Defining the phytochemicals and their benefits: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids
  • The endocannabinoid system
  • The entourage effect
  • Product safety and quality control
  • Products on the market
  • Hemp seed products 
  • Nutrition and recipes

This Course is Designed for:

  • People who dislike long, boring lectures 
  • People who learn visually, audibly, with repetition, and by example
  • Anyone seeking a basic knowledge of fundamental cannabis science without getting overly advanced
  • People who are new to hemp/cannabis 
  • New medical cannabis patients
  • People confused by all the hemp products on the market
  • Anyone who enjoys learning about nutrition and new recipes
  • Retailers who want to choose quality products and serve as an authority to help guide customers
  • People who want to help seniors choose quality products since bad marketing techniques target them specifically 
  • Professionals in the medical field who want an easy-to-understand crash course

About The Instructor

Penelope Hamilton Cannabis Educator
Penelope Hamilton, Health & Wellness Coach

I’m excited to be with you as you learn about this amazing plant called Cannabis. Not only am I an educator and certified holistic health coach, I’m also a medical cannabis patient. 

Thanks to cannabis and a healthy lifestyle I’m able to pursue my passions as well as hobbies. I enjoy teaching, art, cooking, crafting, sewing, gardening, and of course creating with herbs. 

To learn more about me, visit me on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or my Website!