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Cannabis and Comedy or Cannabis and Jazz

Cannabis and Comedy or Cannabis and Jazz

Here’s your chance to win 2 Comedy Tour tickets or 2 Jazz Tour Tickets!

With our growing community, we wanted to offer you an opportunity to shape the future of the industry by sharing your honest feedback and opinions with us so we can better understand how The Cannabis Community network can best serve you. In addition, we’re also be looking for people who would be interested in getting paid to take surveys in the future as we gain a better perspective on what people want and need in this fast-changing industry. Help us learn a little more about you by filling out the attached survey, and as paid opportunities arise that you are a fit for, we’ll reach out to you directly! 😉

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About The Comedy & Cannabis Tour

Our highly-anticipated Comedy & Cannabis Tour is centralized entirely around the unique connection we share with cannabis and its ability to make everything feel a little bit brighter, funnier, and more lighthearted. 

In this tour, we aim to keep you laughing while showing you the sights and teaching you all about Chicago’s cannabis industry with our longest-lasting tour to date — checking in at 4 hours!

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About The Jazz Culture & Cannabis Tour

Our Jazz Culture and Cannabis Tour is designed to highlight the cultural richness of the city of Chicago. With this tour, you can completely immerse yourself in the cannabis culture that has been developing here since the days before prohibition.

Chicago was home to many of the era’s most influential jazz musicians. In fact, Jazz and cannabis are said to go hand in hand. When you think about jazz, there’s a good chance you picture black musicians in a smoky 1920s club since these musicians were famous for their appreciation and use of cannabis. More importantly, these musicians faced a lot of aversion in the days leading up to cannabis prohibition, but still humbly escorted the origins of social justice, civil rights, and race integrations into the 21st century.

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