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Chi High Tours Giveaway

Chi High Tours Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win 2 tickets!

With our growing community, we wanted to offer you an opportunity to shape the future of the industry by sharing your honest feedback and opinions with us so we can better understand how The Cannabis Community network can best serve you. In addition, we’re also be looking for people who would be interested in getting paid to take surveys in the future as we gain a better perspective on what people want and need in this fast-changing industry. Help us learn a little more about you by filling out the attached survey, and as paid opportunities arise that you are a fit for, we’ll reach out to you directly! 😉

Chi High Tours is the very first of its kind here in Chicago. While cannabis tourism is a huge economic resource in cities and states with legal adult-use cannabis, it’s still relatively new here in Chicago. Even being a little late to the legalization party, we firmly believe that Chicago will be one of the most beloved canna-tourism destinations considering its already one of the largest tourism destinations in the United States. 

As the cannabis industry begins thriving in Chicago and Illinois as a whole, opportunities have been opening up for cannabis-adjacent industries to find their footing in the Illinois business world post-legalization. With that in mind, Instead of pushing for licenses to operate a dispensary, grow house, edible bakery, or extraction facility, Chi high Tours is the very first luxury cannabis tour to hit Chicago. Learn more about them below and book a tour!

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