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Bioavailability and safety studies are critical phases in development of new formulations, and even more so when it comes to cannabis-based products.

The lack of serious R&D and the upcoming FDA regulatory, will quickly change the landscape, creating a huge advantage for companies offering scientific – based wellness and health solutions.

ESEV in collaboration with leading labs is launching a new safety and bioavailability studies program and inviting all CBD companies to participate.

For Companies joining now we are offering special discounts and flexible payment terms. At the end of the project (60-90 days) we will provide a scientific report that includes all the relevant data generated from the study.

About ESEV R&D:
Established in 2014, ESEV team is providing services to pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals companies, leveraging more than 40 years experience in drug development.

With headquarters in the USA we are working globally as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) – in humans and in animals – with focus on leading emerging sectors and markets.

We have a wide network and strong relationships with leading academic institutions, research centers, and labs across the globe, in order to build and to execute R&D programs at the highest standards.