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Unfortunately, most doctors are not qualified to discuss the nuances of medical cannabis, which is where the physicians at Green Mind make a difference. You will directly benefit from their deep knowledge of product choices, dispensaries, the science of how cannabis works in the body, and the overall patient experience.

Consult with a Green Mind Physician via telemedicine and get certified for a medical cannabis card on the same day. Certification through Green Mind also comes with a free follow-up to ensure you have the best possible experience with cannabis medicine.

You’ve got questions about cannabis? Your Green Mind Physician has answers.

In fact, some of Green Mind’s physicians also use cannabis themselves – bringing valuable first-hand experience to the patient.

All patient consultations with Green Mind Physicians are conducted via telemedicine, so you can easily go through the whole process without even leaving your home. Green Mind Physicians will support you every step of the way.

What’s more, Green Mind Physicians almost always has a new special or promotion going, so be sure to email them if you want the latest information.

For more details on how it all works, how to prepare for your appointment, and to book an appointment, visit Green Mind Physicians today.

Now servicing patients in Illinois and Oklahoma



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