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Health Coach and Holistic Cannabis Practitioner Health Coaching B2C

Rochester NY

Kelly is a Health Coach and Holistic Cannabis Practitioner who helps Medical Cannabis consumers and individuals struggling with stress, anxiety, and fatigue to reduce overwhelm, increase natural energy, optimize well-being, and feel motivated by life again.

Kelly’s passion and mission are to inspire women to become their own greatest health advocates! Kelly educates clients on the underlying root causes contributing to health decline, how to tune into the body’s natural healing potential, and the strategies needed to create sustainable lifestyle habits and behaviors with intention, purpose, and ease.

Kelly offers Virtual 1:1 Health & Wellness Coaching utilizing an integrative approach to empower self-accountability, long-term growth, and success. She applies her expertise as a Health Coach, Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, and from her educational background and experiences in occupational therapy to provide unique and innovative wellness programs based on each client’s personal desires and aspirations.

Kelly’s well-being programs may cover a variety of general and educational wellness topics related, but not limited to:
*Goal success strategies
*Low-toxin living
*Morning routines
*Sleep health
*Stress Management
*Healthy Eating
*The Endocannabinoid system
*Energy optimization
*Daily Movement and Exercise

If you would like to learn more about working with Kelly, please book a FREE Discovery Session!


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