Respond Flow’s vision is to turn every conversation into a meaningful connection. Using a human-first approach to automated text message communication, Respond Flow empowers businesses to text 1:1 with customers at scale to turn conversations into sales and shoppers into brand fanatics. When it comes to texting Respond Flow delivers.

No algorithms, no bots, just the simplicity of texting
In a world full of complicated social media algorithms, Frankenstein monsters labeled as AI chatbots, and spammers galore, we decided that there had to be a better way of connecting. That’s why we work every day to make sure Respond Flow enables businesses to truly connect with their customers, not just “automate them”.
Connection is baked into our history and founding story. Our CEO Martin Lien faced this challenge as the head of business development in his role at a previous startup. Where traditional communication methods failed him, a well-timed, and personalized text made all the difference in truly connecting with his customers.

Human Algorithm

Automatically send texts like a real human

Respond Flow’s patent-pending human sending algorithm tricks spam filters by making it look like you send your texts personally.

Actionable Analytics on every message

Ensure your messages are getting the highest possible delivery rate with send rate analytics to help you improve your messaging.

Success Rate
Text Support Team

Your textpert support system

Let SMS veterans help you send messages that deliver and increase your sales month over month using tried and true methods.

Sell more on the go with our mobile app

Available in the Android and IOS stores.

Mobile App
Marketing Platforms

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite platforms

Streamline customer data, attribute revenue, and create unforgettable cross-platform experiences.