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THC by Chitiva – Total Holistic Care

THC by Chitiva – Total Holistic Care


Product Description

If you want to experience the benefits of cannabis and feel better every day. Maybe you want a more mellow experience than what is offered at the dispensaries or are tired of paying those high prices. Well, we want to show you the hottest new thing in cannabis…

Why are we giving It away FREE?

We know you’ll love our product as much as we do! We believe in growing cannabis that enhances your lifestyle.  Our flower stays true to the plant and we believe you’ll agree with us after you try it out… Get your *FREE* product in 4 easy steps

1. Click “Get Your FREE THC Gummies” 2. Enter Your Info 3. Pick-up at our Craft Grow Facility 4. Enjoy your gummies

The Hottest New Trend in Cannabis

Meet Wendy, she’s had a medical card since 2018 and enjoys quality flower for the full spectrum effect. She’s also an ambitious professional who recently got a promotion so the stress was getting to her, but she can’t consume cannabis during the week. She needs to stay focused and an Indica used to be her go-to for anxiety, but it makes her unmotivated to get her work done during the day. So she heard about delta 8, also known as “diet weed”.  Delta 8 gives a nice “body lift” without the “stoney” side effects of traditional THC.

Allow us to Introduce Ourselves…

Prescribd has a cultivation process that can be described as simple — straightforward. It’s backed by science and created through strenuous research and development. Every part of our process strives to provide you with premium precision-grown, craft trichomerized flowers.
Our method of cultivating, developing, curing, and preserving the plant is focused on creating trichomerization in our flowers to give you the full experience of each and every bud.
Each step involved in our procedure has been scientifically and strategically made so to achieve efficiency and consistency. For starters, we use an artificial intelligence mechanism, AliceOS, that enables us to automate our nutrient feeds and optimize specific blends for each stage of growth. Not only that, but it sets the whole environment specifications in each of our grow and post-harvest rooms.
Through scientific research, we have come up with a process to maximize the production of each plant, cutting down our cycle time by about two weeks.
Consistency and precision. That’s our (not-so) secret to producing trichomerized flowers.
Get that elevated lifestyle. Give our flowers a try. You won’t regret it.


Trichomes are what makes your favorite cannabis strains potent, unique, and effective— smooth and delicious.

Our method of cultivating, developing, curing and preserving the plant creates trichomerization, a scientific effect that creates the full-spectrum cannabinoid, terpene, and flavinoid goodness that makes this “juice” well worth the “squeeze.”

Craft Flower

We have pheno-hunted and cross-bred the THC out of our plants while focusing on the “good stuff” – the 300+ other healthy cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids that enhance and enrich your lifestyle…

Rooted in Science

Clean Green means we push the boundaries of nature, horticulture and technology to bring you the freshest and healthiest pesticide-free flower

Precision Grown

Alice control, automation, and artificial intelligence maintains precise levels of lighting PPFD, Climate VPD, CO2 & Nutrient/EC Dosing levels. With this, technical aspects are automated— taking human error out of the equation and helping us maximize trichomerization.

Buzz without the fuss.

Feel the ease without the couchlock.

Our product enhances your lifestyle without the side effects commonly associated with THC. Our flowers stay true to the plant and can be enjoyed without the effects of overwhelming psycho-activity

Cool Dried… Slowly

After we harvest the flowers, they’re now ready to be dried.

You can throw it in the oven at 300 degrees for an hour and it will “technically” be dry, but the product WILL NOT be enjoyable…

Cured with Care

Our controlled finishing process protects metabolites, preserves terpenes, and increases efficacy.


We take the utmost care in handling and preserving delicate trichomes so that you can consume the full-spectrum cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid experience.



The Maraschino is a family member of the best terpene profiles for hemp in 2014, the Cherry Uno pheno, crossed to a Sweet Grass – Otto II Sweetened x Cobbler CBD cultivar. Married, these strains deliver beautiful light green colors with a touch of purple and orange and bountiful bud production of the Maraschino.

This strain is known for its distinct flavor of sweet and skunky citrus cherry, with every exhale delivering Afghan skunk flavors. The aroma is unique, smelling of a blend of sweet cherry haste and burnt rubber. With a CBD level of 13.1% and non-detectable levels of Delta 9 THC, the hybrid Maraschino cultivar can give you that pleasant high with a touch of sweetness.

Purple People Eater


If you’re looking for a flavorful experience that accompanies that soothing high, look no further than the Purple People Eater cultivar. This strain is a terpene-rich pheno of Cherry Uno cut-crossed to a T1 Trump IBL to give it that sweet and smooth inhale and purple grape exhale. The Purple People Eater has the sweetest aroma of sweet cherry with grapefruit and sugar. At the backend, there’s a slight fragrance of pepper and soil for that earthy tone.

The PPE has potent trichomes that are heavy and very sticky, giving it that unique experience for your palette. It’s a CBD-dominant hybrid with CBD levels of 12.52% and non-detectable levels of Delta 9 THC. This is the perfect strain for smokable hemp lovers who have an appreciation for rich and sweet flavors and aromas.

Scythian Fire


The Scythian Fire is of Himalayan landrace. Landrace genetics in cannabis are ancient strains that have adapted naturally over long periods of time to grow well in quite different types of geographical and climatic conditions.

This Sativa CBD-dominant hybrid has a unique appearance, characterized by tight buds that are uniform in shape with touches of lime green and orange hairs. The trichomes shine bright like diamonds and are highly potent, with a CBD component of 22.5% and non-detectable levels of Delta 9 THC.


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