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WoW Wellness Center

WoW Wellness Center


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Let Me Show You WOW is a healing community with optimal wellness at the core of our personalized approach that provides you with the ideal foundation for creating the ultimate mind, body, and spirit transformation.  By intentionally pursuing the eight pillars of holistic health, we enlighten you to find your strengths through empowerment to achieve vibrant levels of wellness to evolve into the best version of you.  

We at Wow Wellness Center provide a complete spectrum of optimal wellness resources, from holistic health education, optimal wellness coaching programs, entrepreneurial coaching, and various treatment modalities.  We are always learning and experimenting utilizing new and cutting-edge approaches for you to begin living your most richest, meaningful life.      


Our Services


WOW Wellness

Enlighten, Empower, Evolve to Optimal Wellness  

Optimal wellness is not just the absence of disease, it is us at our best level in all aspects of our lives – physical, social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial.  It is a mindset and holistic way of life that we pursue intentionally.  

We develop a personalized approach to embark on a journey to optimal wellness reflecting on the eight pillars of holistic health by utilizing various modalities to create a healthy mind, body, and spirit transformation.   This includes nutritional medicine, whole life wellness customized plans, essential oils for healing, food allergy management, pulsed electro magnetic field therapy, intravenous vitamin drip therapy, and heavy metal detoxification.


Mastering Your WOW

  Enlighten, Empower,
Evolve You to Unlock Your Optimal Wellness

To achieve optimal wellness both inside and out, we must apply it towards every possible endeavor.   Mastering Your WOW focuses on the eight pillars of holistic health to develop the ideal foundation for living the best, healthiest life, along with strength and boldness to begin to dream big.  

We will begin to strengthen each pillar through the delivery of education by highlighting key strategies to apply wellness in your every day life allowing you to be your best you.  This includes mindfulness coaching, nutrition coaching, manifesting your ideal life, de-stress programs, guidance on going gluten free, healing your body with foods, Disney inspired wellness programs, finding your inner balance and life purpose, nurturing yourself through self-care, and living well with total balance.


WOW Coaching Academy

  Enlighten, Empower, Evolve Entrepreneurs & Clients to Optimal Wellness

As entrepreneurs, we face wellness challenges affecting our journey towards optimal wellness.  Isolation is frequent and social wellness suffers as a result.  Financial wellness may not be optimal, and self-care is infrequent affecting many of the pillars of holistic health.   

When we are not feeling our best, we lack in providing a WOW customer experience to our clients.  We will empower you to embark on your own wellness journey unique to the entrepreneur.   Your biology, personality, and environment will determine what wellness means to you.  As you evolve into living a brave and bold life, your purpose will be manifested to share your powerful message with wellness tools to deliver impactful holistic health coaching programs. 


Women Optimizing Wellness

  Enlightening, Empowering, Evolving A Woman’s Journey to Optimal Wellness

  Women Optimizing Wellness is about creating an environment for women to feel cared for, represented, and empowered to take ownership of their own self-care, treatment, and wellness outcomes to evolve into the best version of themselves to live a healthy and abundant life.   

 There are many key ingredients necessary for women to achieve optimal wellness, particularly stress management, proper nutrition, and mindful movement.  We educate women on the pillars being limbs of a growing tree versus a hierarchy or ladder.  While we can focus on one pillar at a time, all of the branches or as we are referencing as pillars, need to be addressed and maintained.   Women are provided an educational platform and uplifting community toward optimal wellness. 


Men Winning on Wellness

  Mindful, Magnetic, Masterful
to Optimal Wellness

Wellness strategies are even more vital to men than women, as the likelihood is higher they will develop a cancer diagnosis more than women during their lifetime.  The wellness movement and its message of holistic health are as important to men as to women.  Education on self-care is vital.  

We will empower men to be mindful in the pursuit of optimal wellness and become magnetic in all facets of the mind, body, and spirit while mastering living the richest, most meaningful life.  This will be achieved through engagement with a strong, powerful community to intentionally pursue optimal wellness.   Education and key wellness strategies to benefit men will include preventative medicine, the role of nutrition and fitness, as well as holistic and integrative approaches to live the best life.

We believe wellness refers to a balance we experience in all areas of our lives, not just physical well-being. It is a mindset and holistic way of life that we pursue intentionally and is sustained by the eight wellness pillars: physical, social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental. WOW Wellness focuses on strengthening each wellness pillar to provide individuals with the ideal foundation to guide them toward optimal wellness.

Our unique functional medicine practice provides a complete spectrum of optimal wellness resources, from holistic health education, optimal wellness coaching programs, and various treatment modalities. This includes

  • Nutritional medicine
  • Whole-life wellness customized plans
  • Essential oils for healing
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  • Medical cannabis consultations and follow-ups
  • Injectable boosters
  • Intravenous vitamin drip therapy

If you are not feeling your best and possess the desire to live more happily and abundantly, we can enlighten and empower you to find your strengths to achieve vibrant levels of wellness while fostering your health to evolve into the best version of you.

WOW Wellness is the future of health care.

Are you ready to begin your journey to optimal wellness? Learn more about how we can provide an impact on your overall health.


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