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As the world continues to legitimize and embrace cannabis, people have more questions than answers.

Amidst the lingering stigma and knowledge gaps, people tend to feel alone in their cannabis journeys, yearning for a network of people with whom they can connect, share, and grow. The desire for community drives how we interact with each other, and even other businesses and organizations.

Today people are looking for more than just a product. They’re looking for a sense of shared identity and belonging. They want to be a part of something bigger and contribute to the causes they care about. The Cannabis Community (TCC) is the platform where all these loose pieces come together, connecting people with answers, solutions, and each other in this brave new world.

What do we actually do?The TCC Team creates and curates multimedia experiences in the form of articles, newsletters, videos, webinars, events and more, to help people discover cannabis and all its benefits.

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Our ValuesWe take our values to heart, and it drives every decision we make.

Cannabis Doctor Icon

Health is Wealth

We are nothing without our health. We encourage self-care and personal health above all else.

Cannabis Growth Mindset

Growth Mindsets

No one is perfect, but everyone is capable of doing better. We strive to learn from the past, live in the present, and build for a better tomorrow.

Serving the Cannabis Community

Serve the Community

We listen to our members and work to build spaces that are safe, diverse, and inclusive.

Cannabis Patient Caregivers

Give Without Expectation

We give to empower others because we believe the best relationships are cultivated when we give without expectation.

Our PeopleWe love cannabis like fans love sports. This is the team that shows up every day to serve the cannabis community.

Abraham Villegas The Cannabis Community

Abraham Villegas
Chief Community Officer

Roo Nieto The Cannabis Community

Roo Nieto
Creative Director

HS Gregory 500x500

Gregory Frye
Head of Content Strategy

HS Kirsten 500x500

Kirsten Velasco
Illinois Community & Outreach Manager

HS Alaina 500x500

Alaina Dorsey
Maryland Community & Outreach Manager


Penelope Hamilton
Director of Community Engagement 

HS Amna 500x500

Amna Shamim
SEO & PR Manager

HS Mark 500x500

Mark Peysakhovich
Podcast Host


Nikki Lawley
New York Community Moderator

HS Phil 500x500

Phil Cagen
Senior Film Producer

HS Jordan 500x500

Jordan Asquith
Quality Assurance & Production Manager

HS Kelvin 500x500

Kelvin McCabe
Legislative Analyst

Josh Weil Sales Outreach Manager

Joshua Weil
National Otureach Manager

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