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Community Guidelines


We are glad you are here. Please take a moment to read our community guidelines. Our community guidelines are here to support healthy, open discussions. Our supportive community culture helps create an environment where we can come together in pursuit of a shared mission to expand education, awareness, and access to legal cannabis. Thousands of members rely on us every day for reliable information. Therefore, it’s crucial we honor that trust to uphold the integrity of our community, products, and services.

Here are some things to remember as you engage in our communities:

Be Kind

Always be kind. Words matter, can have a lasting impact, and potential consequences. You never know what another person is going through. Community members are expected to respect one another, so check toxic behaviors at the door.

Cannabis Community Do Your Part

Do Your Part

Our community is only as good as its people. Do your part and help us keep The Cannabis Community a safe and productive environment for our members. If you see something, report it to our admins, page, or website so that our team can address any issues that arise accordingly.

Cannabis Community Context

Context Matters

Whenever possible, add or request as much context to the conversation as you can. Where visual cues and tone aren’t available, it’s crucial to add context to avoid miscommunications.


Social media platforms discourage promoting cannabis-related products and services. Posting about prices, where to find products & deals, spamming, or soliciting puts our communities at risk. We created a directory so members can find the resources they need in a way that doesn’t jeopardize our communities.

Responsible Consumption

We believe that in order to change the stigma around cannabis, we must start by promoting a responsible view and culture around it. Content promoting irresponsible or heavily recreational use is unlikely to be approved.

Cannabis Community Privacy

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

There are times where people feel safe sharing things in the community they normally wouldn’t share with others as it relates to cannabis. Please respect everyone’s privacy at all times, and do not share information outside of the communities without consent from the person who shared the original information.

Now that you’re ready to become a member, explore and join our cannabis community!