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Anyone can cook!
With these recipes, you’ll be on your way to exploring new ideas your taste buds will thank you for.

Caramel Apple Mocktail

About the chef A charismatic personality with a thirty-year career in the industry, Chef Otto’s true calling is to end hunger issues locally, nationally, and globally. Much like High Falls Hemp NY, Chef Otto’s mission is not only feeding people, but educating them, elevating spirits, nourishing minds, and captivating hearts. Otto’s extensive career includes The […]

Delicious CBD Infused Summer Recipes

As people are finding different ways to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of CBD, infused drinks and dishes continue to rise in popularity. From CBD infused sparkling water and teas to chocolate and even popcorn! We’ve rounded up a few CBD infused recipes from some of our culinary favs that you can try at home.  First on our list is CBD BBQ wings!

Diving into the World of Vaporizer Technology

Join us this week on The Cannabis Community Insider with hosts Abraham Villegas and Penelope Hamilton as they learn about Vaporizer Technology from long-time community member Steven Gough, President, and CEO of Onsen Labs. Steven’s extensive experience with thermal heat technology met his love of “glass” and the magic of the Onsen Vaporizer was created! You’ll learn what sets the Onsen Vaporizer apart from other units for a superior experience.

Taking The Fear Out Of DIY Infusing

In This episode of The Cannabis Community Insider, Host Penelope Hamilton sits down with guests Dorothy Rourke Stiver and Natalie Lopez of Airmid Outreach to learn about the DIY process of creating a cannabis-infused pain cream. Learn and be encouraged by Dorothy and Natalie as they emphasize how easy and economical it is to make your own medicine. The topical recipe is shared at the end of the video, so “have no fear”!

What Are Cannabis Edibles?

There are so many choices at today’s dispensaries. Learn about one of the many categories of products.

7 Ways to Celebrate the High Holidays in 2020

Celebrate the Jewish High Holy Days by getting a little bit high.

Cannabutter: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own

During this time of social isolation, many cannabis enthusiasts are turning to crafting their own edibles at home.

Easy Cannabis Infused Chocolate Buttons Recipe

Easy recipe on how to infuse your favorite chocolate with your favorite flowers.

Feast Your Eyes on This Cannabis-Infused Gravy Recipe

The perfect excuse to celebrate Thanksgiving, or really any day of the year.

Recipe: Cannabis Infused Gummies

This recipe makes around 56 gummies – final # depends on how clean you scrape the mixture pan into the squeeze bottle and how clean you pour the mixture into the molds.