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Ceilidh’s Cannabis Conjurations 

Ceilidh's cannabis conjurations farm in forgottonia, Illinois

Ceilidh’s Cannabis Conjurations: A Woman-Owned, Eco-Conscious Hemp Haven in Forgottonia, Illinois

Welcome to Ceilidh’s Cannabis Conjurations, a woman-owned, eco-conscious hemp farm located in the heart of Forgottonia, Illinois. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, organically grown hemp flower and artisanal small-batch infused products at affordable prices for discerning hemp and wellness enthusiasts.

Hemp Flower Cultivated with Environmental Stewardship

At Ceilidh’s Cannabis Conjurations, our hemp flower is grown in nutrient-rich Illinois soil and bathed in natural sunlight.

We are inspired by the mantra, “The power is yours,” and are committed to environmental stewardship. We refuse to use harmful fertilizers or pesticides, ensuring a clean, eco-friendly product that you can feel good about.

Hand-Crafted Hemp Products: Infused with Care

As a business owner with Multiple Chemical and Fragrance Sensitivities (MCFS), Ceilidh understands the importance of clean, natural ingredients in daily hemp products.

Our infused products are carefully crafted in small batches using organic and natural components. From our farm to your home, we prioritize your health and well-being.

A Commitment to Wellness and Community

We are more than just a hemp farm; we are a community committed to wellness. We offer hemp-infused creations that we are confident you will love as much as we do.

Our products are not just about providing relief; they are about enhancing your overall well-being and contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

Why Choose Ceilidh’s Cannabis Conjurations?

We stand out for our commitment to quality, eco-conscious practices, and community engagement.

When you choose our products, you are not just buying hemp but investing in a philosophy of wellness and environmental responsibility.

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