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Bill to Issue Cannabis Licenses in Illinois Off to Senate, inching 1 Step Closer to Passing

Bill to Issue Cannabis Licenses in Illinois Off to Senate, inching 1 Step Closer to Passing

This week, applicants for social equity focused cannabis businesses in Illinois were given hope as the House Committee passed HB1443, a bill designed to issue the long overdue licenses that have been helped up in litigation since May of 2020.

Under HB1443, the state creates two additional lotteries in the application process to give more applicants a chance to win a license. As the bill stands,

Lottery 1 will remain available only to social equity applicants who received a perfect score on their application, AND had a veteran on the team who owns 51%

Lottery 2 will become available for any NON-Veteran social equity application that receives a minimum score of 85% on their applications.

Lottery 3 will become available for any NON-Veteran application that receives 85%, but excludes groups who qualified for social equity under the promise to hire.

As reported by Capitol News, HB 1443 now heads to the Senate, where the General Assembly has until Monday’s legislative deadline to pass it with a simple majority.

If the bill passes Senate, Illinois will see approximately 185 new dispensary licenses, along with new craft growers, infusers and transporters, too.

Governor JB Pritzker released the following statement below on Twitter.

IL Governor Pritzker HB1443 Cannabis Social Equity

Do you think this bill will pass Senate?

Stay tuned!

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