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Body and Mind - Cleveland Ohio

Body and Mind – Cleveland Ohio

BaM Body and Mind is a medical marijuana dispensary located in Cleveland, Ohio. Situated just 6 miles from Lake Erie, the dispensary is located at 709 Sugar Lane in Elyria. BaM Body and Mind offers the best selection of medical marijuana products in Cleveland, with a menu that includes cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, and wellness products from the best medical marijuana brands in the area.

The dispensary is staffed by experienced budtenders who are always happy to answer any questions and guide customers to the perfect balance of body and mind. BaM Body and Mind is proud to feature products from top brands such as Woodward, Certified Cultivators, Ascension, Buckey Relief, Pure Ohio Wellness, Butterfly Effect, and Firelands Scientific.

In addition to its wide selection of products, BaM Body and Mind also offers elite customer service that sets it apart from other dispensaries in the area. The dispensary offers private consultations, customer rewards programs, easy online ordering, convenient curbside and express pickup, and is even pet-friendly.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or new to the world of medical marijuana, BaM Body and Mind is the perfect place to find the products you need to achieve the perfect balance of body and mind. Visit the dispensary in Cleveland today, or order online for convenient pickup. With its wide selection of products and exceptional customer service, BaM Body and Mind is the best dispensary in Cleveland.



Google Reviews

434 reviews
  • Bret Brucato
    Bret Brucato
    3 weeks ago

    I've been many times and never had any issues. I'd like to see higher levels in their flower. When I first started shopping here they consistently had flowere in the 35% range and now I have trouble finding anything over 30%. Friendly staff, clean, safe environment. Thank you for your response, and I'll definitely be in soon!

  • 1978 LimitedEd
    1978 LimitedEd
    2 months ago

    Outside the store is nothing special. It’s a small warehouse type building. The inside reception area is small but clean. Staff were friendly. Once they take you back, the menu and items on display are quite well done. Very esthetically pleasing. only reason I’m giving them three stars out of say four or five is because of all of the types I mentioned that I would like to purchase, they had none of those.

  • Lauren Glem
    Lauren Glem
    3 months ago

    I've been a loyal customer here for 2 years now but when I tried to place my order today I was told I was banned. When I asked why, she said she was unable to give me a reason so I'll be taking my money and my business elsewhere. It's their loss, not mine. Just thought people should know how they treat their loyal customers. Edit: It's been months since my review and no one has reached out to me like their reply says. So glad I don't go here anymore. I go to RISE and they are friendly there and have way better prices and selection.

  • Jeffrey Homolak
    Jeffrey Homolak
    3 months ago

    A little on the pricy side but not too terrible. You definitely want to check their website and go on days they have a special on what you want. The staff isn't that knowledgeable about the product like at Rise. When I go to rise, I learn everything I need to know. I can't ask questions at BAM because I don't get any helpful answers. Honestly the security guard seems like more of a waste of time than anything helpful. They really just sit there on their phone the whole time and talk to the receptionist. They have a very decent sized menu though. Rise runs out of special items but BAM seems to have a good supply.

  • Tabitha N
    Tabitha N
    4 weeks ago

    Used to shop here, then realized they are shady.. posted a review regarding my experience with them and since then I have been banned from the store. Upon asking the manager why i was banned from their store they told me because of my review. So much for civil rights and my freedom of speech. This dispensary is awful. The staff is always rude and in a bad mood. If you’re looking for a great experience, great products and great pricing go up the street to The Citizen by Klutch. It’s worth it. RESPONSE TO OWNER- Not sure how me writing an honest review calling the staff out on holding products for themselves is interfering with the privacy and protection of the staff unless they are not following the law. I have pictures and conversations with multiple employees stating they received their Klutch bags from BAM Elyria before it was even released. I have found MUCH better experiences with other dispensaries and would never shop at body and mind again. Just thought other people should be aware of the shady things they do.