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Body and Mind - Cleveland Ohio

Body and Mind Cleveland Cannabis Dispensary

Body and Mind Cleveland is situated just 6 miles from Lake Erie. The dispensary is located at 709 Sugar Lane in Elyria. BaM Body and Mind offers the best selection of medical marijuana products in Cleveland, with a menu that includes cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, and wellness products from the best medical marijuana brands in the area.

The dispensary is staffed by experienced budtenders who are always happy to answer any questions and guide customers to the perfect balance of body and mind. BaM Body and Mind is proud to feature products from top brands such as Woodward, Certified Cultivators, Ascension, Buckey Relief, Pure Ohio Wellness, Butterfly Effect, and Firelands Scientific.

In addition to its wide selection of products, BaM Body and Mind also offers elite customer service that sets it apart from other dispensaries in the area. The dispensary offers private consultations, customer rewards programs, easy online ordering, convenient curbside and express pickup, and is even pet-friendly.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or new to the world of medical marijuana, BaM Body and Mind is the perfect place to find the products you need to achieve the perfect balance of body and mind. Visit the dispensary in Cleveland today, or order online for convenient pickup. With its wide selection of products and exceptional customer service, BaM Body and Mind is the best dispensary in Cleveland.

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Google Reviews

479 reviews
  • Zachary Davidson
    Zachary Davidson
    2 weeks ago

    After almost 3 years of being a customer I will never go back to this location. Besides a couple great employees and security guard, this place has turned into a customer service disaster and has such a negative vibe as of late. I placed an online order at 7:29 pm last night, 1 hour and 31 minutes before the posted closing time, and they completely ignored it. They did not process it and I was unable to get my medicine last night due to pure laziness by FRX employees. Absolutely no other reason besides them wanting to leave as early as possible.. I Showed up at 8:48 and the doors were locked and employees were getting in their cars, even though the website says 9am to 9pm. What a joke. FRX employees Really couldn’t manage to put two things in a bag for me and send a email/text saying it was ready? All within an hour and 30 minutes? I mean just look at all the recent negative reviews below mine… also the male employee who draws and sits at the computer mean mugging everyone and who gets frustrated over evey little thing should truly look for a new gig. His customer service skills are dreadful. Like I said, only a few good employees left. Good luck when rec starts!

  • Kelly Alonso
    Kelly Alonso
    in the last week

    Just, no. Incredibly rude and bothered for no apparent reason employees (desk guy was ridiculous. He’s losing you business). Weird setup. Here’s a thought- try explaining how things work there when it’s someone’s first (and only) time there. Staring at me like I’m a Moron accomplishes nothing. Slooooooow I waited, listening to the same door slam over and over and over again for way too long. While staring at ten other people also waiting. I don’t expect much from Ohio dispensaries. They’re kind of a joke. But at least they don’t act like your patronage is bothering them.

  • Paul James
    Paul James
    3 weeks ago

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always have good quality products quick to get you in and through the line but willing to take the time to answer any questions you may have

  • Lisa Montell Koontz
    Lisa Montell Koontz
    2 months ago

    The FRX Team was amazing! They took the time to help me with the state of OH renewal! Great team so friendly and kind!!! They know how to help the customer out!!! Definitely recommend!!

  • Only Ruby
    Only Ruby
    2 months ago

    People are are usually nice and it's normally clean inside. BUT! Their prices are the worst in the county, hardly any options, and they just went from 20-30% off sale prices to 30-35% but they jacked the price on everything first so you're literally saving less. Klutch, The Landing, Firelands Scientific, sometimes Rise are the places to go!

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