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Body and Mind San Diego Dispensary

Body and Mind – San Diego

BaM Body and Mind San Diego is a premier cannabis dispensary located in the sunny city of San Diego, California. Situated at 7625 Carroll Road, the dispensary is conveniently located just south of the famous Ballast Point Brewery. Whether you are a medical or recreational cannabis consumer, BaM Body and Mind has the best selection of cannabis products in San Diego. The dispensary offers a wide range of products, including edibles, vapes, extracts, topicals, tinctures, flower, and CBD, from the best cannabis brands in San Diego, such as Pac Stone, Blem, High Season, Island, Rove, Stiiizy, and Raw garden.

BaM Body and Mind is known for its elite customer service, which sets it apart from other dispensaries in the area. The dispensary offers private consultations, customer rewards programs, easy online ordering, convenient curbside and express pickup, and is pet-friendly. The experienced budtenders at BaM Body and Mind are always happy to answer all your cannabis questions and guide you to The Perfect Balance of Body and Mind.

BaM Body and Mind aims to provide a safe, welcoming environment where customers can explore the range of cannabis brands and find the perfect product to suit their tastes. Whether you are looking to purchase in-store or order online, BaM Body and Mind has got you covered. So, visit BaM Body and Mind Dispensary in San Diego today and discover why it is the best dispensary in San Diego.

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Google Reviews

548 reviews
  • Janet Lake
    Janet Lake
    11 months ago

    Nice guys work there, but they don't give any deals for first time customers. They do give free stickers and magazines, though. Ladies, they will take your purse or backpack to be held by security until you are ready to pay and leave the store, so if that will make you uncomfortable, you might rather lock it in your trunk and just bring your card or cash inside with you.

  • Brandt Rakowski
    Brandt Rakowski
    8 months ago

    This place is shady. I bought a cart from them this week, when I got home I noticed that someone had placed a bar code for another item over the bar code on the original packaging. I then noticed that the packaging had already been opened by someone else- the little piece of tape on the box had been cut. When I opened the box, there was a generic cartridge instead of the branded cart I usually expect from that company. I went back the next day to exchange the cartridge and was told that they could not do it, even though the product was sold damaged and I was charged the wrong price for it. I was not given a refund for the wrong price charged. The whole time, the employees made me feel really uncomfortable, as though I was the one in the wrong. I was lectured that if they accepted the return they would then have to destroy it. Obviously. When you send the wrong plate back to the kitchen at a restaurant, they don't just serve it to someone else. Horrible, horrible, customer service. I won't be back. There are too many other dispensaries in this city that actually care about their customers and will sell you the correct, untampered products.

  • Vanessa Meadows
    Vanessa Meadows
    7 months ago

    BAM is the BEST dispensary to purchase from, they have all the best products and at a affordable price. The employees are helpful and professional! And it’s near where I live so that’s awesome too! Thanks for all your hard work always! :)

  • Patrick Costello
    Patrick Costello
    3 months ago

    Good managers! Good prices, I have been coming to the this store for many years! This is only 4 1/2 star rating not 5! They didn’t have that option. - 1/2 Star for the constant change! I’m old and need things the same! Plus the debt is wild, get charged to the nearest tenth! So if your total is 31.59 they will charge your card 40 plus three dollar charge! So it’s hard to know exactly what you will be charged!!!!🤑🤑

  • briona
    6 months ago

    I wish I was able to leave a zero-star review because that is what this place deserves. I’ve purchased four cartridges from this dispensary and all of them were fakes, the first cartridge I bought was a Jeeter Juice and the immediate red flag to me was the color of the distillate it was clear. Jeeter does not produce clear cartridges so this was an automatic sign the cartridge was not authentic. The other three cartridges were Roves, when I opened the packages they seemed to look legit besides the color of the distillate being a tad bit off but I dismissed it. Upon trying them I could tell they were 100% fakes. The taste of the cartridge was strange and unusual to me along with the feeling, the high was very subtle and faded away very quickly which makes me believe this dispensary is selling fake/black market products. If I were you I would not trust any product from this place at all.