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Body and Mind San Diego Dispensary
BaM Body and Mind Meditation Girl. Relaxing atmosphere to shop.

Body and Mind San Diego Dispensary

BaM Body and Mind San Diego is a premier cannabis dispensary located in the sunny city of San Diego, California. Situated at 7625 Carroll Road, the dispensary is conveniently located just south of the famous Ballast Point Brewery.

Whether you are a medical or recreational cannabis consumer, BaM Body and Mind has the best selection of cannabis products in San Diego.

The dispensary offers a wide range of products, including edibles, vapes, extracts, topicals, tinctures, flower, and CBD, from the best cannabis brands in San Diego, such as Pac Stone, Blem, High Season, Island, Rove, Stiiizy, and Raw garden.

BaM Body and Mind is known for its elite customer service, which sets it apart from other dispensaries in the area. The dispensary offers private consultations, customer rewards programs, easy online ordering, convenient curbside and express pickup, and is pet-friendly.

The experienced budtenders at BaM Body and Mind are always happy to answer all your cannabis questions and guide you to The Perfect Balance of Body and Mind.

BaM Body and Mind aims to provide a safe, welcoming environment where customers can explore the range of cannabis brands and find the perfect product to suit their tastes.

Whether you are looking to purchase in-store or order online, BaM Body and Mind has got you covered. So, visit BaM Body and Mind Dispensary in San Diego today and discover why it is the best dispensary in San Diego.

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Google Reviews

694 reviews
  • Lanette Sullivan
    Lanette Sullivan
    4 months ago

    Luv the service and the cannabis is top shelf, also they have prerolls for $3 that slap! I love this place❣️

  • Maryam Ashkiani
    Maryam Ashkiani
    4 months ago

    BE WARE !!! I came in and spend 150 plus on 3 disposable gelato pens and all were defective . I called then spoke with a kind person who SAID THEY WERE IN CHARGE . They said no problem you can’t bring them back as it’s against the law for them to take anything opened that was brought in and JASMIN took them she kept the old product with is highly illegal wow and all caught on film .. let’s talk about customer service!!! there will be a Reddit page up full recording up she was the most ignorant rude and untrained person I have had the displeasure of running into . Jasmine ran in with 4 min to spare prior to her shift . That alone show’s character. I have reported BAM TO DEA . DOC, DCC as well hopeful the OWNER reads this she also would not give me the owner’s information laughed at me and walked away all on camera a lot more was said in between again on record soon will be uploaded . Want to give owner a chance to fix this we shall see update will be posted . The products they sell are defective, old do not work and then they have JAZZY basically telling people to bad ! No jazz you meet the right person today ! I will give owner 3 days to contact me asap to rectify this . I want a complete refund at this point . I don’t want your bad defective old products. Many dispensaries that would Lionel to have business look there are 3 others within minutes . I’m hopeful the owner will BAM out of hiding and fix this situation. I’ll be waiting

  • Jordan Batts
    Jordan Batts
    2 months ago

    I liked the layout of the store everything was easy to fine and everyone was welcoming. One of the workers there named Avyon helped me a lot. He answered every single one of my questions and was very nice. I look forward to coming back soon.

  • Janet Lake
    Janet Lake
    a year ago

    Nice guys work there, but they don't give any deals for first time customers. They do give free stickers and magazines, though. Ladies, they will take your purse or backpack to be held by security until you are ready to pay and leave the store, so if that will make you uncomfortable, you might rather lock it in your trunk and just bring your card or cash inside with you.

  • Antoneous Aguirre
    Antoneous Aguirre
    2 months ago

    This place has the best prices I've found in SD and also an excellent selection. Don't go to the botique places (leave that to the tourists). BaM has better prices and selection. Super convenient hours and location, too! Also, Jasmine the Budtender is awesome and friendly!

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