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Beyond Hello Normal

About Beyond Hello Normal

Situated just beyond the borders of Bloomington, Beyond Hello Normal awaits at 501 West Northtown Rd in Normal, Illinois, offering a convenient location within a short 20-minute drive from the Central Illinois Regional Airport. Positioned near esteemed institutions such as Heartland Community College and Fairview Park, this retail haven beckons.

Our primary focus revolves around providing personalized service and crafting individualized experiences that extend far beyond the initial encounter. Catering to both medical patients and adult-use customers, the Normal dispensary showcases an extensive selection of cannabis products. From exquisite flower varieties to delectable edibles, convenient cartridges, soothing topicals, versatile tinctures, captivating merchandise, and meticulously rolled pre-rolls, we strive to meet every preference. Additionally, our repertoire includes extracts and gear, ensuring a comprehensive offering to cater to diverse needs.

Our expertly trained staff stands ready to assist patients in navigating their unique conditions, guiding them towards the most suitable products. Meanwhile, a dedicated team of passionate professionals is on-site to cater to the needs of adult-use and recreational customers, providing valuable product education and addressing any inquiries that may arise.

To enhance convenience, BEYOND / HELLO™ Normal offers separate online shops tailored to the distinct needs of both adult-use customers and medical marijuana patients. Through these platforms, individuals can effortlessly peruse available products, access real-time pricing and availability, and reserve items for convenient pickup. Furthermore, Illinois medical marijuana patients can continue to rely on BEYOND / HELLO™ Normal during regular store hours to fulfill their needs.

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