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Bloom Medicinals Germantown

Bloom Medicinals, Maryland’s Premier Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Large Selection of Premium Cannabis Products

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Our Cannabis Products

Premium Indica, Sativa, and
hybrid flowers.

Potent budder, live resin, wax,
and more.

Cannabis Oils
Full extract oils packaged in
easy to apply syringe.

Lozenges, chews, and capsules.

Pre-loaded marijuana oil
vape cartridges.

Topicals & Tinctures
Variety of salves, lotions, and
liquid extracts.

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Google Reviews

355 reviews
  • Adrienne Keyser Luxury Life

    I started going to Bloom when they first opened the Germantown location. It was my go-to dispensary because it was in a convenient location. Also because I was one of the first customers so the staff knew me really well. Over the years there have been many changes. Not just the décor but the staff. In the beginning, the staff was helpful & knowledgeable. However, I noted the quality of staff being hired diminished. One day I was standing there waiting for my order & the lady working the front desk came in asking everyone what they wanted for lunch. With a store full of clients! They normally have a great selection of products but there have been times I have been in where there is only 1/2 a board of flower items. The parking lot in this location sucks. I have heard several of the staff complain about getting their car hit or damaged by door dings. I do recommend Bloom however I understand any negative reviews they have received over the years. My suggestion is FEWER MILLENIALS, more veteran users & people invested in the industry working the counter! * Please note these pics are older so the interior is very different now.

  • Megan McKee
    Megan McKee
    a week ago

    I have been going to Bloom for about 2 years now, and everyone there is absolutely lovely! They answer all my questions, and are quite patient with myself and others when we need a little extra help. The young lady Shimmy, especially, is a true gem and does her best to make you feel welcome and comfortable. I love this place

  • nicole zhang
    nicole zhang
    a week ago

    I had alot a great experiences at this location. But yesterday I came back and the staff was very nice, and they try their hardest to educate you. In other words they do care. Very professional. Highly highly recommend. Come to this store and you will know more then what you did before you came. Also the quality of overall is superior.

  • tanya campanaro
    tanya campanaro
    3 weeks ago

    I always look forward to visiting Bloom! I don’t partake in a big way, mainly just gummies for sleep, so I won’t comment on product. However, I do have to rave about the employees! Whoever does the hiring is on point! The staff is young and hip and friendly! They greet you with a smile from check in to buying. The energy is always positive and the staff knowledgeable. As an adult and a parent I am often disappointed when I go shopping because young employees are always negative or moody, so it is a pleasure being made to feel welcome here and they practice patience with their service. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Jacqcell Williams
    Jacqcell Williams
    in the last week

    I love this place shimmy and whoever was there this morning with the purple hair and the receptionist with his glorious pink hair they are they are a vibe and always provide outstanding customer service. Thank you guys so much your loyal customer- the chick with the stars on her face.

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