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Chesapeake Apothecary

About Chesapeake Apothecary

Chesapeake Apothecary stands as the foremost medical cannabis dispensary in Southern Maryland, proudly serving a wide range of communities including White Plains, Waldorf, La Plata, Clinton, Temple Hills, Oxen Hill, Brandywine, Bennsville, Malcolm, Bryantown, Willbrook, Fort Washington, Hughesville, Indian Head, and Potomac Heights.

For Founder and Chairman Seth Erlin, medical cannabis is not just a business endeavor—it holds deeply personal significance. His journey into the world of cannabis advocacy and legalization was driven by his aunt’s, Kimberly Harman, diagnosis and the immense suffering she endured.

Kimberly battled ALS, and the conventional narcotics prescribed to alleviate her pain had debilitating side effects that severely hindered her daily functioning. Seeking an alternative solution, Seth accompanied her on several trips to Colorado, where medical cannabis offered her substantial pain relief, improved comfort, and increased functionality.

When Maryland passed legislation to legalize medical cannabis, Seth made a life-altering decision. He left behind a successful career in culinary arts and an international lifestyle to return to his hometown of La Plata, MD. There, he assembled a dedicated team and developed a comprehensive plan to harness his experience and enter the cannabis industry, giving rise to Chesapeake Apothecary. Seth also served as a Founding Member and officer in the Maryland Cannabis Industry Association, demonstrating his commitment to the growth and development of the cannabis sector.

At Chesapeake Apothecary, a profound dedication to the community, health, and broader societal benefits that arise from this market opportunity resonates strongly. The support received from the local community and county has paved the way for this venture. As part of their ongoing commitment to the community, Chesapeake Apothecary is devoted to establishing a long-term assistance fund. This fund aims to empower underserved individuals by providing them with the necessary resources and cannabis products to address their ailments. Ensuring access to essential resources and offering assistance to those in need forms an integral part of the Chesapeake ethos.

Chesapeake Apothecary is poised to make a positive impact, not only by providing exceptional medical cannabis products but also by actively contributing to the well-being of the community. Through their dedication, passion, and commitment, Chesapeake Apothecary embodies a compassionate approach to healthcare and a profound desire to improve lives.

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