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The Cosmic Cannabis COmpant Storefront in Homer, Alaska.

About Cosmic Cannabis Company

Cosmic Cannabis Company is a craft retail cannabis dispensary on the shore of Kachemak Bay, overlooking the Beluga Slough in Old Town Homer, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. We specialize in all forms of cannabis concentrates.

We currently stock everything from vape cartridges to shatter and wax, for instance. In addition to those products, we even have some crumble and THC salve if that’s what you’re looking for. We have it all!

Cosmic Cannabis Company, Homer Alaska Logo

Our new menu is now live! It is hosted on our website here, and on Dutchie.

Head on over to our shop to check it out- Dutchie! Online ordering and in-store/curbside pick up now available!

Call us at (907) 435-0508 to order now!

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