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Summit Wellness Catonsville, formerly known as Ethos Catonsville

Your Cannabis Wellness Destination Awaits at Summit Wellness

Welcome to Summit Wellness Catonsville (formerly Ethos Catonsville), where medical cannabis patients are our top priority. Located at 6328 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD, we offer an extensive range of cannabis products, including flower, prerolls, edibles, and vapes. Our daily purchase limits ensure that you get the right amount of cannabis for your needs.

Prioritizing Medical Patients

At Summit, we prioritize medical patients by allowing them to skip the line. Our focus is on providing you with the best medical cannabis products to improve your quality of life.

A Diverse Product Lineup at Summit Wellness Catonsville

Choose from our wide selection of cannabis products, from flower and prerolls to edibles and vapes. We offer daily recreational purchase limits, ensuring you get the right amount of cannabis for your needs.

Identification and Age Requirements

To purchase recreational cannabis, you must present a valid form of government-issued identification. We accept various forms of ID, including state-issued drivers’ licenses, passports, and military IDs.

Our dedicated team is always here to assist you, and we look forward to serving you soon.

Experience Relief and Get Your Pennsylvania Medical Card Today

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Google Reviews

240 reviews
  • Shreif Shata
    Shreif Shata
    in the last week

    It’s been a luxury finding a location that not only has all the products I love but also the vast knowledge that the budtenders leave me with is priceless. I enjoy walking into this dispensary knowing my medical needs will be solved and answered correctly without any hesitation.

  • Tim Post
    Tim Post
    3 weeks ago

    Good prices and extremely knowledgeable staff, in my experience. Tell them what you want to spend and what kind of strains you like and they'll find something for you. I've also been there while they were patiently helping very senior citizens pick something out. My most recent haul was an eighth by Fade plus a .3G pen for $45 - pretty good deal! There's usually something top-shelf for $25 there and the cart selection is pretty decent. No reason to go out of town!

  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson
    a month ago

    Now I'm going to give this place an honest review, now all of the dispensaries in the area sell pretty much the same products. With that being said summit wellness usually has the best prices. While I do appreciate this location for what it offers, what I don't appreciate is the lack of accountability. I was shown recently when someone on their team made a mistake in advertising a product for sale at a certain price I'm not going to get specific because I don't want to be petty but not honoring it when I came in isn't cool. You can say I should have known that wasn't the right price but how am I to know? What if I wasn't a regular customer. No one called me to correct the order when the order came through they allowed the process to complete they allowed me to get an email they even allowed me to come in the store and check in because I had an online order nobody checked the price before I got to the register where that is the only time someone noticed that the pricing wasn't correct. And at that moment is when it all fell apart. And in fact it seemed to me that no one even knew that it was happening, until I let them know and the best that I was offered was 20% off the same item only saving me a couple of dollars completely wasting my time. Hell I should never even have said anything and let them just get a rush of orders.

  • Mary Gray
    Mary Gray
    a week ago

    I love Summit! I always have a good experience. I enjoy being able to pre-order to expedite my visits. The staff is always so friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Mia Clay
    Mia Clay
    4 months ago

    The staff is extremely rude. The only friendly staff member is the lady at the front desk. And the weed is trash. if you want good weed go to Green Point Wellness.

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