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About From The Earth Port Hueneme

Welcome to From The Earth Port Hueneme, a premier cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme, Ventura County.

The name of our city might be challenging to pronounce, but it originates from the Spanish interpretation of the Ventureño term “wene me,” signifying a “Resting Place.” From The Earth provides deals and discounts on flower, prerolls, vapes, extracts, edibles, and many other cannabis favorites.

Where are we Located?

Nestled on N. Ventura Road between the U.S. Navy CBC Base and Bartolo South Square, From The Earth is just a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking coastline that Ventura County is renowned for.

Venture south along Ventura Road to discover Port Hueneme Beach Park or head west on Channel Islands Boulevard to explore Oxnard State Beach Park. Regardless of your choice, the waves are always rolling and the sun perpetually shines in California’s Port Hueneme.

Display cases filled with various cannabis products inside From The Earth Dispemsary in Port Hueneme, CA.

Come visit us!

Think of our dispensary as a welcoming hub for both residents and visitors in Port Hueneme.

Make us your initial destination in Ventura County, and allow our knowledgeable budtenders to help you select the ideal cannabis product to enhance your California experience with an extra dose of sunshine.

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Google Reviews

895 reviews
  • Mary Hilke
    Mary Hilke
    2 weeks ago

    The staff is so friendly and helpful. I was greeted by the armed security guard and checked in at the front desk. Both were very kind and helpful. The staff inside the shop really know their stuff and helped me make the best selection for my needs. This dispensary is not the one located closest to my house, but its the one i always choose because of the service.

  • Suzie Hall
    Suzie Hall
    2 months ago

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! I so appreciate everything: location, variety of products, reasonable prices, and information. Clean and shiny! And finally, the staff. They are amazing. Shane = Awesome!

  • Amelia
    2 months ago

    I came in to pick up my order. I really appreciate the Saturday sale on concentrates. I was greeted and helped right away after the security guard joyfully held the door open for me. I was given a couple options for pickup. A contact free option which entailed me going to a window. Or, I could enter the already visible shop with plenty of help, products and a clean, beautiful premise. I especially loved the artistic tributes to Ventura all over the place. It's awesome! When I got inside, I was greeted by a couple of people and ultimately helped by Jeremy. He was quick and helpful. However, when I left, his goodbye was so incredibly genuine. What a memorable transaction Jeremy created! Then! On my way out, the gentleman up front said goodbye as he helped new customers. Not to mention, as the door closed, the security guard thanked me for coming once I came into sight. Such a nice experience!! One I really needed too. I'm grateful for you all going above and beyond in your service As well as working hard to provide the best, most affordable products with incredibly informed staff. I appreciate you all. Thanks so much 😁

  • Cheyne Koster
    Cheyne Koster
    2 months ago

    I absolutely love this place, I have been going here for quite some time. They are my go to for Raw Garden where they are constantly rotating. They have tons of different flavors. All sorts of waxes, flowers & edible. Anything that you want. This is the place to go to in Oxnard or Port hueneme.

  • Kailey Chapman
    Kailey Chapman
    4 months ago

    Always an amazing experience over at FTE, I’m horrible I haven’t gotten their names yet but the person at the front always recognizes me at this point name and all makes you feel good when someone takes the time to remember a “regular”. The budtenders are always top tier and so friendly and super knowledgeable. I only choose from the earth and it’s the staff that makes the decision easy to go here

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