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High Haven Cannabis Dispensary Darien

8131 S Cass Ave, Darien, IL 60561

Embark on a Cannabis Journey at High Haven Cannabis Dispensary Darien

Welcome to High Haven Cannabis Dispensary Darien, your sanctuary for exploring the enriching world of cannabis. Located in the serene town of Darien, we extend a warm invitation to discover our carefully curated selection of premium cannabis products.

High Haven Cannabis Dispensary Darien Store Details

Our Cannabis Collection

Dive into a diverse selection of cannabis strains, edibles, concentrates, and more. Whether you are seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, or a spark of creativity, our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you to the products that best align with your desires.

Education and Community

At High Haven, we are passionate about educating our community on the benefits and responsible use of cannabis. Our team is committed to providing a comfortable, informative environment that encourages exploration and learning.

Promotions and Discounts

Check our website regularly to stay updated on the latest promotions and discounts. We believe in providing value to our patrons while ensuring access to high-quality cannabis products.

Begin Your Cannabis Exploration

Ready to begin your cannabis exploration? Visit High Haven Cannabis Dispensary Darien today, and let our diverse cannabis selection inspire your journey towards holistic wellness.

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Google Reviews

318 reviews
  • DJ M3T4L
    DJ M3T4L
    a week ago

    By far the COOLEST dispo I have ever been to. The outside is made to look like the interior of a gas station. Once they check i.d. you enter the speakeasy themed lobby. Very clean with all of the products they carry have display packages all over the walls. Super friendly staff, our bud tender Josh took good care of us. It was such a good experience we went back again instead of trying somewhere else. If you're staying in the area or driving through it's absolutely worth a stop, even if it's just to check out the lobby.

  • Brett
    a month ago

    Had plenty of great experiences here until I ran into a problem that was incorrectly listed on their website. The website and receipt listed the packages of edibles I got as 100 MG, but when I got home and looked at the packages, they said only 50MG. Even the receipt said 100MG. I called back and the store was able to give me a loyalty credit that didn't quite cover the amount of money I lost on the transaction. My satisfaction thus is currently a 4/5, and I hope next time I'm able to give y'all the star back. What gets me is I was incredibly explicit about what I wanted took extra time in-store, and still got home less than satisfied. Hopefully next time there won't be any confusion at all.

  • Thomas Navickas
    Thomas Navickas
    2 weeks ago

    Bought a cartridge the other day. Only had it for maybe 8 hours before it cracked into pieces. I've never had a cartridge break on me and it definitely seemed like a manufacturing flaw. Anyway I called and told the girl on the phone whats going on. I get to the shop took a picture of the product and a manager came out and told me basically that it's my fault and told me well you shouldn't keep it in your pocket. I'm out 60 dollars and the best he offered me is 5 dollars on my next purchase. I've had fairly good experiences here but the manager seemed to not care or really want to deal with the issue is what is all boils down to. Not sure I will be returning

  • mike kawecki
    mike kawecki
    2 months ago

    Very nice waiting room, quick service good customer service by Tristan and jamiar. They Give great recommendations and very knowledgeable on promotions and products.

  • Jillian Doose
    Jillian Doose
    2 months ago

    This place is one of my new favorite spots. The staff are very welcoming. You walk in and your already on an adventure thinking your at a gas station or something. Then they open the door to the freezer except its not a freeze, its the entrance to the back of the store. You get in and out very fast. Also love that they offer journeyman drinks. Come check this place out now.