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Higher Learning LV

Las Vegas, NV

Want to work in the cannabis industry?
Higher Learning LV
will help you get the job.

Teaching the Commerce+Chemistry of Cannabis™

At Higher Learning LV™, we focus on one thing: Training and education for small businesses and professionals transitioning into legal cannabis from other industries. Our premium content ranges from live online seminars and courses to our subscription-based Knowledgebase that features hundreds of exclusive and detailed text articles and videos. Higher Learning LV’s proprietary courseware is developed in-house in the United States, based on peer-reviewed scientific research, and never licensed to third parties.

Our instructional designers understand the most efficient learning methodologies and leverage the latest in synchronous video tech to bring your vision of a smarter you (or a smarter staff) to fruition. At Higher Learning LV™, our industry-leading live online classes allow our students to learn the biochemistry, business, and oversight of legal cannabis better than their competitors—vastly improving their chances of succeeding in this hyper-competitive and tightly regulated marketplace.

Live Classes

Higher Learning LV™ seminars and courses define the industry standard for effective + affordable training and education for small to midsize companies, transitional professionals, and success-driven graduates.

Seminars + Courses

Higher Learning LV™ offers premium live seminars and courses that feature optional proficiency-based certification. All developed in-house and—beginning at only $129 per student—to satisfy any training or career retooling budget.

Online & Safe

Higher Learning LV™’s interactive live instructor-led training approach is designed specifically for transitional cannabis industry professionals and small launch-stage startups.

Higher Learning LV™ has opened enrollment in a series of live online seminars and courses. The Cannabis Core Concepts series of courses—based on peer-reviewed research results and reputable market survey data—comprehensively teaches company staff, transitional professionals, and aspiring graduates the nuanced biochemistry + regulation-driven business dynamics of legal cannabis.

“At Higher Learning LV, seminars and courses manifest as dynamic and engaging live classes involving homework + Q&A sessions. Canned videos cannot equal the quality of live sessions filled with spontaneous questions from curious students and accurate answers from veteran instructors.” 

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