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Greenhouse Equipment, Tools & Supplies

About Hummert International

Welcome to Hummert International, a reputable name in the horticulture industry for over four generations. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and a personalized approach to customer service.

Serving a diverse range of clients including commercial growers, educational institutions, hobbyists, and the general gardening community, we aim to assist you in growing your horticulture projects to their full potential.

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Extensive Range of Products

Explore our extensive product range tailored to meet all your horticultural needs:

  • Media: Peat-based, Bark-Based, Amendments, Coir-Based, Consumer, Hydroponic, Raised Bed, and Specialty.
  • Nutrients: Granular, Liquid, Natural and Organic, Controlled Release, Water Soluble, Specialty, and Fertilizer Injectors.
  • Containers: Inserts and Flats, Trays, Blow mold, Consumer, Covers and Sleeves, Fabric, Hanging Baskets, Hydroponic, Natural and Organic, Round, Saucers, Specialty, and Square.
  • Chemicals: Applicators, Disinfectants, Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Natural/Organic, Growth Regulators, Repellents, and Surfactants.
  • Irrigation: Controls, Drip, Drip Tape, Fittings and Accessories, Flood, Fog, Misting, Solenoid, and Supply line.
  • Greenhouses & Equipment: Ventilation, Benches, Coverings, Components, Hydroponics, Lighting, Large Equipment, and Meters.

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Google Reviews

29 reviews
  • Thomas Daniels
    Thomas Daniels
    8 months ago

    Thank you Toby Tobin and Hummert International! Being able to walk outside and lay on a lawn like this is priceless... or, at least worth the price of the sweat equity and Hummert products.

  • Billy Millikan
    Billy Millikan
    6 months ago

    Absolutely horrible experience after using this company for years. I paid for items upon pickup with CASH because I was told by the employee at time of pickup that Hummert's card system was down and that they wanted me to write down all of my card information for them to run at a later time. This made me uncomfortable so my partner and I paid in cash. Now I'm receiving statements saying that I didn't pay for my items. It took me weeks to try and get ahold of someone, I called daily, left voice-mails and was only contacted by by email once I sent one to each available email address. When sales finally reached me they told me that they couldn't fix the issue yet because they don't "deal with cash". The issue has yet to be resolved and it's been over a month. If you're doing business with Hummerts watch your back and keep all documentation.

  • Brendan Gierer
    Brendan Gierer
    a year ago

    Hummert always takes care of what I need for my greenhouse. They gave me great advice on structural and ascetic design. They are always my "go to" for media, pots and hardware.

  • Diane Manley
    Diane Manley
    7 months ago

    I have always received excellent service particularly from the sales staff. Will continue to use them for my supplies.

  • Ed Ramatowski
    Ed Ramatowski
    2 years ago

    After three seperate times of purchasing from Hummert same results. Items show in stock when they are not. First time was after an hour drive to the Earth City location just to find out they do not have it in stock. This time been waiting 4 weeks for four bags of BM2. When inquiring why it shows in stock online hummert says that just means it's on order. No eta's just to call back each week. *** Update 3-25-22*** stopped by hummert in person and spoke with Kim. She was very nice and got us a replacement product today. The original 4ea are still on order

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