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In the United States, the importance of social equity can’t be understated. From education to healthcare, there is no universal approach to addressing social equity.

The cannabis industry is no exception.

Even though many states have instituted criteria for social equity applicants, the desired results vary as each state enforces its provisions differently. Fortunately, Illinois is one of three states (the other two being California and Massachusetts) that have made social equity a major component of their cannabis legislation.

Initiatives to address the industry’s lack of social equity are designed to help those who are economically disadvantaged and unfairly impacted by the so-called “war on drugs.” But those initiatives aren’t enough. Much more needs to be done.

For this reason, Illinois Equity Staffing was created.

About Us

More than 60% of those seeking a job mention diversity as an important factor in their decision-making process. We recognize how crucial organizational diversity is for a company’s success. We are also profound advocates for social and cultural improvement.

Our mission is to help businesses build a diverse workforce that embodies the spirit of social equity to create a harmonious sense of unity among teams.

We strive to ensure companies understand the benefits of diversity and social equity while actively hiring staff that reflects this understanding. By doing so, companies attract employees who are loyal which will improve the culture overall.



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