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Nexem Agtech Farming Solutions

Nexem is an agricultural solutions company focused on the design, engineering and integration of technology for high value medicinal plants cultivated indoors.

Nexem’s technical team integrates horticultural experience, leading-edge technology, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design engineering services and the AliceOS™ SaaS Platform to help cultivators achieve and optimize manufactured consistency.

We are a global manufacturer, system integrator and solution provider. We serve North America’s licensed indoor producers and greenhouse cultivators.

The Pheno.AG Field Genetics Unit (FGU), exclusively distributed by Nexem and Agrify, is a containerized and modular growing facility that consists of an infrastructure & control zone, 16 square feet of clonal propagation space, 60 square feet of the mother or vegetative growth space, and 240 square feet of flower canopy space packaged inside of a 40’ high cube shipping container. The lighting, temperature & climate control, air circulation, irrigation, and fertigation systems are integrated and controlled by the advanced automation capabilities of the AliceOS™ platform.

Just add water, electricity, Internet, and Pheno.AG genetics, the FGU becomes a dedicated seed production facility.

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