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Health and wellness users deserve better, and at Onsen Labs our scientifically-minded approach to the design, engineering, and production of our product is top-down oriented around your needs.

Our mission is to produce a vaporizer befitting the quality and durability required of health and wellness users. Onsen Labs seeks to design and manufacture professional grade vaporizer devices with a data informed process, backed by testing and user experience.  We believe health and wellness users deserve a product as serious as their needs. We have found other products and methods fail to meet the grade. Onsen Labs will continue to focus on the health and wellness user by measuring performance and user experience.


From $299 -$399

We have engineered the Desktop Pro vaporizer to provide a hygienic, low resistance draw through a visibly clear air path, which produces the most consistently smooth vaporizing experience possible.


“It’s like breathing in air, it’s so smooth!”

-Coltyn Turner

“I feel better after using the Desktop Pro! Smoking was hurting my lungs so much.”

-Aunt Teresa DiJoseph

“You definitely feel more of the power than with smoking! and taste, WOW!”

-Phylis Cali

Turning down the fire on your ground herb to hot air,
turns down the harsh smoke to a luscious vapor!


Integrated Cooling

Designed with integrated cooling and a durable, thermally isolated, heavy aluminum base for stable all day workhorse duty.

Intelligent Thermal Profile

Our reinforced, High Thermal Capacity Element produces up to 100 watts of peak output power. With Intelligent ‘Auto-Power Inhalation Attenuation’, we smooth the heat drawn over the herb sample according to your breath. This provides a thermal profile that produces a uniquely smooth vapor.

“We challenge the stigma with Elegance!”

-CEO & President Onsen Labs, Steven E Gough

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