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Rise Quincy cannabis dispensary

RISE Quincy: The Ultimate Destination for Cannabis

About RISE Quincy Cannabis Dispensary in Illinois

RISE Cannabis Quincy is a one-stop-shop for both medical and recreational cannabis users.

Located in Quincy, Illinois, this dispensary offers an extensive range of high-quality cannabis products, from flower and edibles to topicals and concentrates.

With a focus on patient education and community outreach, RISE is more than just a dispensary—it’s a hub for cannabis wellness.

Location and Accessibility

RISE Cannabis Quincy is strategically located at 2703 Broadway St, Quincy, IL 62301, making it easily accessible from various parts of the city and neighboring areas.

If you’re coming from Hannibal, Missouri, it’s just a 20-minute drive via US-24 E. From Keokuk, Iowa, you can reach the dispensary in about 45 minutes via IL-57 S.

The dispensary is near Quincy Mall and Blessing Hospital, providing convenient options for shopping and healthcare nearby. Get directions here.

Product Range at RISE Quincy

RISE Quincy offers a wide variety of cannabis products to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Whether you’re looking for high-THC strains for potent relief or CBD-rich products for a more balanced experience, RISE has you covered.

They carry popular brands like Rythm, Dogwalkers, and Incredibles, offering everything from vape pens and cartridges to edibles and tinctures.

Deals and Promotions

RISE Quincy frequently offers deals and promotions to make your cannabis shopping more affordable.

They have a loyalty rewards program where you can earn points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts on future visits.

Keep an eye on their deals page for the latest offers and discounts.

How to Get an IL Medical Cannabis Card

If you’re an Illinois resident and considering medical cannabis as a treatment option, getting a medical cannabis card is easier than you might think.

First, determine if you qualify based on the state’s list of approved medical conditions.

You can then consult with your own physician or go through The Cannabis Community for virtual certifications, often completed in as little as 24 hours.

FAQs and Customer Support

RISE Quincy prides itself on its commitment to customer education and support.

Their website features a comprehensive FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions about cannabis use, legalities, and more. The dispensary also offers one-on-one consultations for those who need personalized guidance.

Social Media and Community Engagement

Stay connected with RISE Quincy by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

These platforms are excellent ways to keep up with community events, educational workshops, and new product releases.

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Google Reviews

1,242 reviews
  • Katelyn Gille
    Katelyn Gille
    3 weeks ago

    Tate helps me a lot when I come in and is sooo knowledgeable and kind. Remembering what I like and suggesting new items and brands as they roll out. He always points me to the best savings and is just personable. It's rare to find kind people in the service industry anymore so it's always a breath of fresh air when I come in. This kind soul works hard and takes pride in his work, it's evident. He deserves a raise! :)

  • corngoon
    a month ago

    I went in with a coupon, but I had made a mistake on which product my coupon worked on. I ended up not having enough for what I had originally came in for, but blue and the entire crew were incredibly patient with me throughout the process. Blue helped me find something within my price range that I was really happy with, I was so thankful for the help. I felt a little bad I had taken so much of their time but they assured me it was totally okay, I felt relieved. The kindness I experienced from everyone will stick with me for a long time, RISE is an awesome place filled with amazing people.

  • Joseph Renaldo
    Joseph Renaldo
    a week ago

    Trevor is super knowledgeable and friendly! He answered all of our questions and gave great suggestions. Pretty much everyone is a joy to be around and this place is always stocked and clean!

  • Donald Petry
    Donald Petry
    3 months ago

    I have been going to rise since this place opened. I have to say the people that they have working there now is helpful as ever. Amy, Blue, Ashley, Tate and Dave I have to say are the ones I go to for questions on what’s not just good but great and am never dissatisfied later with what I got. I know if I go through them I’m talking to someone who knows what they are talking about. Good place made better by awesome people. Keep it up!

  • Mister Marco
    Mister Marco
    a month ago

    Tate was awesome! Great personality great customer service great conversation. Well groomed represent the company very well! He added to the continuous awesome service I get everytime I come. Thank you Tate! He was also appreciative of my friends military service!

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