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Savour Gummies

Savour Gummies by HT23

Welcome to the exquisitely crafted world of Savour Gummies, an HT23 signature brand that melds mastery and indulgence in its artisanal cannabis gummy creations, providing a luxurious portal into the realm of sophisticated cannabis edibles.

Smooth, Satisfying & Sophisticated Cannabis Gummies

Embark upon a voyage with Savour’s premium artisanal gummies. Each meticulously crafted bite promises a full-spectrum cannabis experience, encapsulating a world of sensory delight and distinguished luxury.

Savour gummies unveil an experience where each bite is not merely an edible but a journey into a lush world where flavor, texture, and precise dosing culminate into an unmatched cannabis experience.

Whether a canna-curious novice or a seasoned “cannaisseur”, Savour Gummies invites you to indulge in a world where each edible is a manifestation of luxury, precisely dosed, and expertly crafted to elevate your cannabis journey.

  • Premium Artisanal Gummies: Exquisite, premium quality cannabis gummies.

  • Full-Spectrum Experience: Luxurious, full-spectrum cannabis experience with every product.

  • Exquisite Flavor Profiles: Unique and sophisticated flavors, like the notable Blackberry Pomegranate gummy.

  • Catering to All: Options for both new and seasoned cannabis consumers.

  • Balance of Flavor and Dose: A perfect balance in flavor and dosage, enabling personalization of the consumer experience.

  • Quality and Craftsmanship: Commitment to utilizing high-quality ingredients and superior craftsmanship.

  • Elevated Experience: Focusing on texture, CBD, and THC infusions.

About HT23: Pioneering Equity and Empowerment In The Cannabis Industry

Reese Xavier, M.S.
CEO & Managing Partner of HT23

The guiding principles of HT23 are the dedication to creating high-quality products, establishing enduring relationships, positively impacting the community, and making space for others. 

Embodying a spirit of genuine commitment to historically underserved communities, HT23 stands proud as one of the inaugural 100% Black-owned craft grow licensees in Illinois.

 Rooted deeply in a mission to reshape cannabis perceptions, the company not only supports but actively engages in community revitalization endeavors, fortifying economic development and progression within local communities.

Strategically situated in Chicago Heights, an area markedly impacted by disproportionate incarceration related to anti-marijuana legislation and economic hardships, HT23 serves as a beacon of positive transformation, particularly in Disproportionately Impacted Areas (DIA) across the state. 

Their endeavors transcend mere business, infusing equity and inclusion into every operational facet, substantiated by their internal practices, created opportunities, and the communities they persistently uplift and serve. 

HT23 remains unwavering in its commitment to maintaining 100% Black ownership and fulfilling a grander vision of mutual empowerment and elevation in the cannabis industry.

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