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STIIIZY Battle Creek Dispensary

Discover the Chill: About STIIIZY Battle Creek Dispensary

Welcome to the hub of cool and exceptional vibes—STIIIZY Battle Creek Dispensary, your new favorite cannabis hotspot in the heart of Michigan. Conveniently located at 859 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49015, we’re here seven days a week from 9AM to 10PM to cater to our cannabis-loving pals in Scotts, Olivet, Galesburg, and neighboring areas.

A Cultivated Community: Our Team

We’re not just about the transactions here at STIIIZY; we’re all about building connections. Our budtenders are bona fide cannabis connoisseurs—knowledgeable, resourceful, and buzzing with a passion to help customers discover their perfect cannabis match. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a curious newcomer, you’re in good hands.

Unbeatable Deals: Our Products

Craving incredible deals? Look no further. We have an extensive range covering from premium flower to vapes, extracts to edibles, and an assortment of weed pen batteries—catering to all your cannabis desires. Besides, we also boast an exclusive line of STIIIZY merchandise for those looking to rep the unrivaled in the biz.

Bringing STIIIZY Closer: Our Vision

We’re thrilled to make your favorite STIIIZY products more accessible. After earning the crown as the #1 cannabis brand in California, we’ve got our sights set on Michigan. We’re here not just to sell, but to elevate and redefine the dispensary experience. So come on down, let’s light up Michigan together with the STIIIZY vibe!

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Google Reviews

105 reviews
  • Tracy Anderson
    Tracy Anderson
    a week ago

    Very happy with the last three orders I've selected from here. The last few shops I tried were okay, but for some reason I had some flowers either caused me to have chest pains, pain and numbness in my arms, or was giving me kidney stones. Since coming here and another shop.down.the street. I've had none of those problems. I look forward to visiting next month.

  • Haley Morris
    Haley Morris
    a week ago

    Didn't get any negative feedback or nasty interactions with security or staff they were pleasant and helpful. Clean facility, music not to loud and overwhelming. I enjoyed my experience and will continue to rec Stiiizy

  • MC Funky J
    MC Funky J
    2 weeks ago

    Had a similar situation as the review from Cerina. First I would like to convey that I am a longtime supporter of Stiiizy since its inception in Los Angeles and met the founder at the first ever High Times Concentrate Cup in San Bernadino. I went to the Battle Creek, Michigan location on 7/10/23 for the limited 710 Cart and my Wife and I were str8 up and down discriminated against by an obese woman manager named Lindsey. I brought my Wife, my Niece and myself. As we arrive to the Battle Creek location I mentioned to the front desk security that I've been attempting to call all day. The security lady told me that she's been seeing the calls but they're not allowed to answer the phone. Once we were let in I was speaking to a tender when Manager Lindsey approached. I told her how I was trying to call them all day on July 10th and was not able to get a response. I also told her that I spoke to a different location who assured me that Battle Creek location was open and told me they would pass the message to the Battle Creek locations Manager. I told her how I left a voicemail and she snarkly replied "we don't even have a phone number". I then responded to her that you could just Google Stiiizy Michigan and it will show the phone number for the Battle Creek location. At that moment she tells me "have a good day". I asked her what do you mean? She replied again "have a good day". I explained to her that I traveled 4 hours to arrive there and she responded that she refused to serve me and had me escorted off the premises by security embarrassing me in front of my Wife and Niece. My Wife (who is of darker complexion) overheard manager Lindsey state that something to the effect of "threat" and my Wife asked "What was it that my husband said that was threatening?" and Lindsey refused to answer and had her escorted out by Security as well. Little did she know that my Niece was with us and my Niece overheard Lindsey stating to her employees that she was going to "call the police, have me trespassed and a restraining order issued". I waited around and decided to stay local for the night at a hotel. The next day I found out that the police were never called, no incident report was filed. Lindsey abused her authority causing unnecessary panic to me and my family. Lindsey doesn't deserve to be in the industry let alone a manager for such a reputable company.

  • Chazzy
    7 months ago

    First time visiting from Indiana and STIIIZY did not disappoint! They were running a Veterans Day sale plus I got a free T-Shirt for spending over $75 and a complimentary cart for being a new customer!

  • Cerina Bryce
    Cerina Bryce
    3 weeks ago

    They are the worst despensary I have ever done business with. I got sick so I went to there bathroom to throw up I took my time making sure I left no mess behind. I came in today to shop and they preceded to tell me sense I throw up in there bathroom I can’t shop there anymore. Never in my life have I been treated so horrible they were very rude very unprofessional and they were racist and treated my boyfriend like an outsider because he was black. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to these people they should be shut down!!!’ Hands down the worst place I have ever been and I have never been treated so horrible never in my life and the security guy he was very very very nasty to me

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