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STIIIZY Battle Creek Dispensary

Discover the Chill: About STIIIZY Battle Creek Dispensary

Welcome to the hub of cool and exceptional vibes—STIIIZY Battle Creek Dispensary, your new favorite cannabis hotspot in the heart of Michigan. Conveniently located at 859 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49015, we’re here seven days a week from 9AM to 10PM to cater to our cannabis-loving pals in Scotts, Olivet, Galesburg, and neighboring areas.

A Cultivated Community: Our Team

We’re not just about the transactions here at STIIIZY; we’re all about building connections. Our budtenders are bona fide cannabis connoisseurs—knowledgeable, resourceful, and buzzing with a passion to help customers discover their perfect cannabis match. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a curious newcomer, you’re in good hands.

Unbeatable Deals: Our Products

Craving incredible deals? Look no further. We have an extensive range covering from premium flower to vapes, extracts to edibles, and an assortment of weed pen batteries—catering to all your cannabis desires. Besides, we also boast an exclusive line of STIIIZY merchandise for those looking to rep the unrivaled in the biz.

Bringing STIIIZY Closer: Our Vision

We’re thrilled to make your favorite STIIIZY products more accessible. After earning the crown as the #1 cannabis brand in California, we’ve got our sights set on Michigan. We’re here not just to sell, but to elevate and redefine the dispensary experience. So come on down, let’s light up Michigan together with the STIIIZY vibe!

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Google Reviews

85 reviews
  • Chazzy
    3 months ago

    First time visiting from Indiana and STIIIZY did not disappoint! They were running a Veterans Day sale plus I got a free T-Shirt for spending over $75 and a complimentary cart for being a new customer!

  • Steven Burdette
    Steven Burdette
    a month ago

    Because your employee was to in hurry and took my money and when she was bagging up I notice she grabbed the wrong product. In the end my loss. Won’t return will buy from another dispo 2 thumbs down

  • Taryn West
    Taryn West
    7 months ago

    My very first time here and I was so happy to find this place .. Alexandria was a huge blessing today .. I told her what I was looking for as far as pain management and sleep and she hooked me up. She has definitely gained a customer for life !

  • Pamela Gray
    Pamela Gray
    6 months ago

    The most horrible experience i have ever had! I go here all the time and usually the people are very nice. Today the girl would answer my question had a very bad attitude to the point I asked someone else to help me. The manager watch it all then came and said with an attitude what the problem! When I told her how her employee made me feel she said “well I don’t see the issue with how I were treated”. I can’t believe that when I said are u a manger she looked at me with a smile like “I am the general manager and I don’t think she did anything , I don’t see a problem with how ur were treated”! What a way to further disrespect a person by not validating how they feel like there were treated! I was already stressed and drove all the way from Kalamazoo to this Battle Creek location! I have never seen this manager the manager whom was there before was from cooperate and he was a doll! This new general manager is very nasty to her customers! We been coming there for a long time! My daughter even won the stiizy giveaway! Sad cause we will kit be back to this Battle Creek location! All because whom ever this manager is needs more customer skill training. Clearly the customer is always right is definitely not practice at this location! Your not even write on how one makes you feel according to this General manager! I did speak with Levi and he mad me feel like I just need to at k with portage! Battle Creek was my original stiizy store and now that when I’m in BC I will go to 100leafs! I grew up with them and know the owner, manager will not allow for his customer to be treated bad by staff and definitely not by management! BATTLE CREEK GENERAL MANAGER! SHAME ON HER! I WILL NOT BE BACK!

  • Travis
    a month ago

    Every time I go there, they sell weed under weight, dried out, and overpriced. I much rather go somewhere else, where I can see what I'm buying, know the weight, and spend less money than this place. I don't recommend anyone to shop with stiiizy. That place needs to close down or go back to California!

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