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STIIIZY Davis Dispensary

Step into the world of superior cannabis products at STIIIZY Davis Dispensary, the quintessential hub for all your cannabis desires. Strategically located at 965 Olive Dr. Ste G – 1, Davis, CA 95616, amidst the agricultural beauty of Davis, we unveiled our doors in October 2019 as the third flagship in the STIIIZY lineage.

Our dispensary sits conveniently off the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway, near the US Davis Center for Neuroscience and the enchanting Arboretum GATEway Garden.

About STIIIZY Davis

At STIIIZY Davis, we’re committed to maintaining the high vibes, offering the exemplary cannabis products STIIIZY locations are celebrated for to the Davis communities and beyond. Our arsenal encompasses a diverse range from flower, vapes, extracts, edibles to weed pen batteries, ensuring a holistic cannabis shopping experience.

Community Engagement

We believe in a synergy between our dispensary and the community we serve. Our initiatives extend beyond cannabis retail; we’re dedicated to providing medical cannabis for the veterans in Davis, orchestrating food drives, and collaborating with community ventures like Kiss ‘N’ Grind. It’s the fabric of mutual respect and involvement that makes a dispensary more than just a retail space.

Meet Our Budtenders

Our budtenders are the epitome of professionalism and cannabis knowledge. They stand ready to navigate your queries and steer you towards the cannabis products that resonate with your preferences. At STIIIZY Davis, the journey to discovering your ideal cannabis companion is as delightful as the destination.

Join the STIIIZY Tribe

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or stepping into the cannabis realm for the first time, STIIIZY Davis is your destination for exceptional cannabis deals and a knowledgeable crew. We invite you to share your experiences, drop a review, and engage with our tribe. Your feedback fuels our evolution, ensuring the STIIIZY ethos continues to flourish in resonance with our community’s needs.

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Google Reviews

370 reviews
  • Rachael Lee
    Rachael Lee
    5 months ago

    I've come to this location multiple times and every time the staff and products have been exceptional! Monica helped me with my order today and we had so much fun picking out products. She had many great recommendations and helped me to curate the perfect order. This place will always be top tier.

  • Kiarabel Mendoza
    Kiarabel Mendoza
    4 months ago

    Ashley helped me the other day and gave me the best experience I’ve ever had with any bud-tender, she was sweet, efficient and helpful!! She is simply the best and deserves a raise for her hard work. Next time you go to stiiizy hopefully Ashley can help you because she will make your day! (:

  • Elron MINGS
    Elron MINGS
    a month ago

    Stiiizy's staff have always been courteous to the max and as helpful as they're able! Their selection is varied enough to please most preferences, and pique the curious minds to venture in sampling new territories!!

  • Marcus gregory
    Marcus gregory
    2 months ago

    I want to apologize to the managers and staff at this location. I've always had great experiences here, the staff is amazing. The security lack training on dealing with general public. The trouble I had was with the security guard that made wrongful assumptions . My goal was to get the company information to the security guard so I can make a formal complaint.

  • Hannah Diggs
    Hannah Diggs
    a month ago

    This is my favorite dispensary to go to. I literally drive from Sacramento to Davis just for this dispensary!! It doesn’t matter when I come in, every budtender that I have come in contact has been super knowledgeable and super friendly. As a veteran myself, finding out that Stiiizy is veteran owned was the cherry on top!

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