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STIIIZY Davis Dispensary

Step into the world of superior cannabis products at STIIIZY Davis Dispensary, the quintessential hub for all your cannabis desires. Strategically located at 965 Olive Dr. Ste G – 1, Davis, CA 95616, amidst the agricultural beauty of Davis, we unveiled our doors in October 2019 as the third flagship in the STIIIZY lineage.

Our dispensary sits conveniently off the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway, near the US Davis Center for Neuroscience and the enchanting Arboretum GATEway Garden.

About STIIIZY Davis

At STIIIZY Davis, we’re committed to maintaining the high vibes, offering the exemplary cannabis products STIIIZY locations are celebrated for to the Davis communities and beyond. Our arsenal encompasses a diverse range from flower, vapes, extracts, edibles to weed pen batteries, ensuring a holistic cannabis shopping experience.

Community Engagement

We believe in a synergy between our dispensary and the community we serve. Our initiatives extend beyond cannabis retail; we’re dedicated to providing medical cannabis for the veterans in Davis, orchestrating food drives, and collaborating with community ventures like Kiss ‘N’ Grind. It’s the fabric of mutual respect and involvement that makes a dispensary more than just a retail space.

Meet Our Budtenders

Our budtenders are the epitome of professionalism and cannabis knowledge. They stand ready to navigate your queries and steer you towards the cannabis products that resonate with your preferences. At STIIIZY Davis, the journey to discovering your ideal cannabis companion is as delightful as the destination.

Join the STIIIZY Tribe

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or stepping into the cannabis realm for the first time, STIIIZY Davis is your destination for exceptional cannabis deals and a knowledgeable crew. We invite you to share your experiences, drop a review, and engage with our tribe. Your feedback fuels our evolution, ensuring the STIIIZY ethos continues to flourish in resonance with our community’s needs.

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Google Reviews

391 reviews
  • Good Citizen
    Good Citizen
    2 weeks ago

    Terrible customer service the last time I went there. They false advertised some of their products to be higher in THC % through photos on their website. When I communicated this to their "manager" they said that unless there was a glove inside the package there was no way that I can exchange the product or get a refund. I raised this concern as I was purchasing the product though the cashier said nothing as she took my money. Clearly this isn't a medical dispensary and I definitely wasn't viewed as a patient. This is a for profit business who found a way to legally sell drugs.

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo
    in the last week

    Stizzy has been found using pesticides in their cannabis, there are very harmful side effects, a 3rd party has tested their products and found scary info, a lot of cannabis YouTubers are speaking of this as well, stizzy being one of the big companies using this, this threatens the customers health and well being too much, and I am done smoking from here and going here at all. Lost a customer

  • Cyrus Soltani
    Cyrus Soltani
    3 months ago

    Everyone who works at the store is amazing, great service and good products. However corporate removing the student discounts feels extremely stingy. Why stinge repeated customers?

  • Rick Lopez
    Rick Lopez
    a month ago

    1rst time @ Stiizy Dispensary in Davis, CA. Everything I ordered was ready for pickup when I arrived. No long wait time & actually had time to look around. Great store for Stiizy products !! If you're ever in the area, stop by & get your Medicinal/Recreational products !! #stiiizy 🗣💨

  • Justin
    a month ago

    Another lawsuit!!!!!! Marketing to the young. It’s so obvious tho. And you took the military discount away. Because you lowered your products in price? Look at your reviews from weedmaps of your products, there all from 2022 and before because you fell off. All your products are gross the start of 2023.

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