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Stiiizy DTLA Dispensary


Welcome to STIIIZY DTLA Dispensary, your go-to hub for a transcendent cannabis journey located at 728 E Commercial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. We redefine the cannabis retail experience, offering more than just premium products — we offer a vibe that resonates with every visitor.


We pioneered the experiential retail trend in the cannabis space back in 2019, and continue to allure with our visually captivating in-store aesthetics. As you tread on our marble-esque epoxy floors, you’re in for a sensory voyage amidst gallery-style exhibits, all while shopping our unbeatable STIIIZY cannabis products and merch.

A Visual Paradise

Our downtown LA dispensary isn’t just a store; it’s a visual paradise. The centerpiece is a 29-foot installation masterpiece by globally acclaimed artist Retna. Rotating capsules curated by illustrious local and national artists, along with our custom LED light tunnel with digital projection mapping, accentuate the visual allure.

Seed-to-Sale Transparency

At STIIIZY DTLA, we believe in full transparency. Our seed-to-sale approach enlightens you on our cultivation process, ensuring you trust the authenticity and quality of the cannabis you purchase.

A Haven for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Being one of the largest-scale dispensaries in California, we cater to communities across LA, from Boyle Heights to Burbank, and beyond. Our commitment to premium cannabis, innovative retail experience, and our passionate STIIIZY fandom underline our stature as the #1 cannabis brand in California.

Discover Your Cannabis Bliss

Our diverse product range covers flower, vapes, extracts, edibles, and weed pen batteries. You can visit us at STIIIZY DTLA or shop our online specials for a gratifying cannabis shopping experience. Your quest for cannabis bliss finds its destination here.

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Google Reviews

2,151 reviews
  • Tommy Ramsey
    Tommy Ramsey
    a month ago

    I love how we roll. Me and my Boo Queen loving the high life is providing!

  • Doris Yunda
    Doris Yunda
    a year ago

    This dispensary is amazing! The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Plus the store itself is impeccable. No touching of the products is allowed which I think it's very cool. Loved this place!

  • Brandi Lewis
    Brandi Lewis
    4 months ago

    Staff is cool. Flower is usually decent. You just have to be aware of the package date. Sometimes they get “new” flower in that’s been sitting in the packaging for months which makes the flower dry. Not always, but a good amount of times. They don’t honor their online deals. In fact, more than half the staff, including management, didn’t even know there were deals online that should be aware of. They also do a horrible job at keeping top shelf flower in stock. Which sucks! I finally found a “home” shop but it’s becoming more inconsistent by the day.

  • Brian Hutchins
    Brian Hutchins
    2 months ago

    Store needs better client relations training. Called around 5pm to confirm they still provide a free charging kit with the new Diamond cartridges. They confirmed they just received them back in and the promotion is still active. SUPER excited I bolted there after the gym around 7pm. The associate ringing me up confirms the promo is still active so I ecstatically choose the gold one- then it goes down hill. The promotion doesn’t work, the associate calls over the GM, ALEX R. He says “oh yeah I cancelled the promotion an hour ago” and he runs off. I requested him to return and told him that 2 people confirmed this and I came in specifically to buy this and $200 worth of other product and he should at least honor this situation given the multiple confirmations and that it “just expired an hour ago”. He says “sorry call Corp.” NOT COOL.

  • Beatriz Reyes
    Beatriz Reyes
    a month ago

    Went for the 420 deals they should really specify they only give bongs to like 5 people and it doesn’t matter what order your it sucks how some people wake up early and actually spend on this brand and can’t even help out correctly . The girl that attended me couldn’t even check on the other side for me yet the person behind me got one and I didn’t even though I just went in and spend $200 yesterday it’s not about the bong because I can go buy one anywhere it’s the fact that it’s advertised wrong and I’m so disappointed. It’s so sad that this 420 you would advertise have people waking up going two days to not receive not one goodie and this brand is so big it amazes me . Like I legit am so sad about this . . Then if your gonna hire bud-tenders make sure they don’t pick and choose who they want to help they never recommend me flower only because I know what I like , but I would love to walk in and they show me something new they just stare only the guys have helped more then the girls . Save your money if you wanted the bong cus they legit gave 5 away everyday before 420 making their advertisements false . They could’ve put limited only . Would have saved my time and money . I actually would recommend some patients to this shop 😭😭

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