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STIIIZY Kalamazoo Cannabis Dispensary

STIIIZY Kalamazoo Dispensary

Embark on a cannabis adventure like no other at STIIIZY Kalamazoo Dispensary, the pioneering cannabis hub in West Michigan. Situated at 5303 Portage Rd. Portage, MI 49002, we’re the rebellious streak in your routine, nestled conveniently between your Taco Bell cravings and Bigby Coffee indulgence.

About STIIIZY Kalamazoo

Our gateway to cannabis bliss opens from 9 AM to 10 PM, presenting a treasure trove of deals that are as irresistible as our premium flower. Unveiling low prices and storewide markdowns, we’re setting the scene for a cannabis shopping spree that’s as exhilarating as a hit from our top-notch strains.

Meet Our Staff

At the heart of STIIIZY Kalamazoo’s triumph is our dedicated staff—a brigade of cannabis enthusiasts who take pride in guiding you through the maze of cannabis wonders. Far beyond mere Sales Associates, our team embodies a passion for cannabis that’s as palpable as the aroma of our fresh buds. Whether you’re exploring flower strains, pre-rolls, extracts, vapes, topicals, edibles, or weed pen batteries, our knowledgeable staff is your compass to making choices that resonate with your cannabis desires.

Building Connections

For us, it’s more than just a transaction—it’s about forging lasting connections. The camaraderie we share with our patrons is the cornerstone of our dispensary, and we’re thrilled to create a haven where our crew and customers converge in a celebration of cannabis culture.

Your Cannabis Haven

Consider STIIIZY Kalamazoo your personal sanctuary of cannabis delights, where the emblematic STIIIZY products are always within an arm’s reach. We transcend the boundaries of a mere brand to offer an immersive cannabis experience. Riding the wave of being the #1 cannabis brand in California, we’re now geared to ignite the cannabis landscape in Michigan with the same fervor. So, brace yourselves, Kalamazoo, as STIIIZY descends onto your turf, elevating the cannabis narrative to a realm of unmatched excellence.

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Google Reviews

121 reviews
  • Tinariwen Huun huur tu

    I grabbed about 15 different cart flavors last time I was there. The only one that actually stood out to me was sunset orange. All the other flavors were pretty nonexistent. I also tried the live resin carts, which are more than double the price. It was the same minimal high and again no flavor. The 40s are good. The best one is easily strawberry cough since it has the most flavor out of all of them. Blue burst, watermelon z, pink accai, etc... all sound good but taste like nothing. When you do the math, if you get the 40s when they are on-sale it is still costing you 100 for 12.5. For just a little bit more money, I can get 28g of a decent strain.

  • Lung Automotive Repair

    Our budtender overcharged my buddy, called the manager and they both agreed he was overcharged and would not refund the difference. Only in store credit. Pretty unprofessional if you ask me. They could have handled this a lot differently to make him happy but he left feeling like they stole right out of his pocket. That's just not right.

  • Dixie Tefs
    Dixie Tefs
    2 months ago

    Drove 55 minutes to take advantage of a special on their web site only to be told it is no longer valid. Pulled up the special for them to see on their own web site and they just shrugged and said it no longer applies. Bait and switch pure and simple!!! Won't waste the gas or time to do it again.. Beware travelers!

  • ばっきゃろう
    3 weeks ago

    I've tried several brands of thc vapes, and Stiiizy is by far the worst. I've tried Pineapple Express and Skywalker OG, bought 3 of each on separate occasions. Each time the carts would clog CONSTANTLY and half of the product would end up in the side "gutters" (for lack of a better word). I thought this was normal until I tried several other brands. I keep my Stiiizy carts in the same place as my other brand vapes, so it's obviously not an error in storage or use as the other brand's products work perfectly. Aside from the awful construction, the effects are mild but pleasant, and the taste is 2/10. Overall my Stiiizy experience has been regretful, hopefully my review can steer people towards a better company. I'd suggest my favorite, but really any brand is a step up and I don't want anyone to think i'm promoting another brand.

  • Gage McGuiggan
    Gage McGuiggan
    2 months ago

    Left email and message regarding pre packaged flower not weighing what it should. Bought two oz and one o was 27g the other was 23g. Didn't bother even replying so they don't care about customer service. No one answers the phone either.

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