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STIIIZY Pacoima Dispensary

Your Cannabis Haven: Welcome to STIIIZY Pacoima Dispensary

Discover your new sanctuary of wellness at STIIIZY Pacoima Dispensary, a cornerstone of quality cannabis nestled in the heart of Pacoima. Our doors open to a realm where premium cannabis products and exemplary customer service unite, ensuring a sublime shopping experience every time.

Prime Location: Where Convenience Meets Quality

Strategically located for your convenience, our dispensary is easily accessible, making your journey to quality cannabis a breeze. Whether you’re a local or coming from nearby areas, our Pacoima Dispensary stands as a beacon of quality and excellence in the cannabis landscape.

Exceptional Staff: Your Cannabis Companions

At STIIIZY Pacoima, our budtenders aren’t just staff, but your companions on the path to discovering the perfect cannabis products. Armed with knowledge and a genuine passion for cannabis, they are here to guide you through our extensive range of products, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for.

A Curated Selection: Your Cannabis Palette

Our shelves are adorned with a wide variety of premium cannabis products to cater to your every need. From quality flower strains, vapes, and extracts to an array of edibles and weed pen batteries, our dispensary is a playground for cannabis enthusiasts. Besides our in-house STIIIZY brand, we host a curated selection from other reputable brands, broadening your spectrum of choices.

A Community-Centric Space: More Than Just a Dispensary

We believe in the power of community and strive to create a space where like-minded individuals can come together, share experiences, and celebrate the holistic wellness that cannabis brings. Our dispensary is not just a point of purchase, but a hub of cannabis culture and a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

The STIIIZY Difference: A Legacy of Excellence

Our reputation as a leading cannabis brand is not just a title, but a promise of quality, reliability, and a superb retail experience. At STIIIZY Pacoima Dispensary, you’re not just a customer, but a valued member of our ever-growing cannabis family. Come and discover the STIIIZY difference for yourself.

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Google Reviews

107 reviews
  • Louie Guerrero
    Louie Guerrero
    a week ago

    The brand is cool, but the workers here talk more than the customers. Even though the lines are going out the door, they have no sense of urgency or customer service. They occasionally look at you and smile while they continue to chat. The music is kind of cool and keeps you a little busy while they yap, but if you like talking to budtenders and telling them about your day and upcoming special events, this is the place for you.

  • Melissa Pelayo
    Melissa Pelayo
    3 weeks ago

    I Love how they give credit every time you buy. You also have an option to pay with card an get your $3 back that they charge you for using your card which is amazing. Overall the best spot to shop.

  • Sharon Guandique
    Sharon Guandique
    a year ago

    My husband had a blast !!!! He was super happy and excited that he got to be at the opening and was one of the first 50 people in line!!! The fact that it is affordable and nice, we are only going here for his stuff. Update: Staff is still amazing. Helpful. I have been to a bunch of the other stores in La. You're still a new patient, regardless of going to the other stores. Still helpful and amazing staff at this one. I like how organized and patient they are and the knowledge is top tear. I also like the deals on 420.

  • Idunn The Wanderer
    Idunn The Wanderer
    4 months ago

    I'm officially a Stiiizy fan girl! They have locations all over California and they are always opening more. They have first time patient specials, daily specials, and holiday specials. Even their everyday prices are a good deal. I only buy concentrates, so I always go on Wednesdays. They usually have a great selection too. Any time I go anywhere else, I'm like man I should have just went to Stiiizy!

  • Brian C
    Brian C
    2 weeks ago

    Did not honor Stiiizy 420 deal spend $150 get bong and bag. Said they were saving them for Saturday. That’s not what the email sent to me says. So I hade to take my $150 elsewhere.

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