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STIIIZY San Bernardino Dispensary

A New Haven of Green: Welcome to STIIIZY San Bernardino Dispensary

Embark on a unique journey at STIIIZY San Bernardino Dispensary, your newfound haven nestled at 390 N H St, San Bernardino, CA 92410. Just a whisper away from the 215 Freeway, we’ve carved out a sanctuary for cannabis aficionados. Boasting a generous space, our San Bernardino outpost proudly stands as a colossal haven, second in size only to our iconic DTLA store.

A Debut in The Inland Empire: Our Locale

Making a grand debut as the first STIIIZY outpost in the Inland Empire, this dispensary is more than a mere store—it’s a vibrant chapter in the cannabis narrative of numerous local neighborhoods and neighboring cities like Colton and Rialto. Whether you’re riding the chill wave post an Inland Empire 66ers game or a visit to the National Orange Show Event Center, we’re here to elevate your chill quotient.

An Artistic Voyage: Our Ambiance

Step into an artistic realm with each visit. A captivating hand-painted mural by the globally acclaimed artist Defer adorns our space, crafting a rich backdrop for your shopping escapade. And while you’re navigating the Inland Empire’s green scene, our other havens in Moreno Valley, Jurupa Valley, and Wildomar beckon.

Your Cannabis Curators: Our Budtenders

Meet the wizards of weed – our crew of budtenders, who transform your routine weed run into an enlightening journey of discovery. With a sprinkle of their cannabis savvy, you might just stumble upon your next cherished product.

A Spectrum of Greens: Our Offerings

Our shelves are a celebration of variety, featuring our cherished STIIIZY brand flower strains alongside premium offerings from crowd-favorites like Baby Jane, Honeyleaf, and Roll Up Boyz. Whether it’s flower, vapes, extracts, edibles, or weed pen batteries, we’re your treasure trove.

The STIIIZY Standard: Our Legacy

Our top-tier marijuana products, immersive retail lifestyle, and a dedicated community of STIIIZY enthusiasts form the bedrock of our stature as the #1 cannabis brand in California. Dive into the STIIIZY realm and experience a vibe that resonates differently.

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Google Reviews

790 reviews
  • Mrnailed
    2 weeks ago

    This could be good but the owners are too cheap to have a big enough staff to actually serve people in a decent amount time. So if you have an hour to just stand around and wait then this place is for you. But unless you don't like have to wait in line for an hour I suggest you go somewhere else. Cause the owners of this place are too cheap to have a decent amount of workers.

  • Karina Olnick
    Karina Olnick
    2 months ago

    Went here yesterday had a really horrible experience!, I'm not very knowledgeable of the different types of strands yet and so I was trying to find something that could help me. But the woman that helped me (I'm not going to put her name, because I don't need to put her on blast).But when I walked in I was asking questions I felt very rushed,packages are being thrown on the counter no time really look nor asked if what she knew of the quality and what the best type is to get and she I feel like in my case didn't want to really take the time to listen or help, . So as far as any type of deals or anything for first time people there isn't any as far as I can see because I didn't receive any discounts and that was my first time at that particular store. Bottom line is as much as I love the brand it's not worth the treatment and now I'm out money and a bad experience because of this, I hope this particular girl learns how to be more customer service and not so much about rushing the customer out!

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez
    a week ago

    I would love to post a review on destiny she was very welcoming and her customer service was top tier definitely made my first experience worth coming back thank you destiny

  • MK Young
    MK Young
    2 months ago

    I'll keep it short though I have more than one complaint....on 4/21 I was a first time customer and was looking forward to the first timers perk... nothing. My tender said "I'm sorry there aren't any first time promo codes I can enter today.. it's probably because yesterday was 420.. I'm sorry." Everyone is happier when your customers are happy. Way to drop the ball. No customers are bad customers!

  • Sophia Stevens
    Sophia Stevens
    a month ago

    I like that it's open early. I usually order online, they are pretty consistent with the strains. There's huge selection and a range of prices. EriC helped me today and yesterday, he introduced me to a new strain. The end.

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