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STIIIZY SoMa Dispensary

STIIIZY SoMa Dispensary

Welcome to STIIIZY SoMa Dispensary, your new sanctuary for all things cannabis located at 518 Brannan St. We are thrilled to extend our unique cannabis retail experience to our San Francisco family and our buds in Oakland, Fremont, and beyond. We’re open daily from 9 AM to 10 PM, inviting you to step in and feel the magic.


We aim to revolutionize your cannabis shopping experience, making it more than just a routine. Our dispensary in SoMa is designed to be a space where passion for cannabis and exceptional service coalesce, promising you a visit that’s as delightful as the products we offer.

Weekly Deals to Steal

Score on fantastic deals with our weekly offers that allow you to snag your favorite vapes or stock up on edibles without feeling the pinch. Our epic deals are hard to resist and are here for the taking while they last.

Passionate Budtenders at Your Service

At the heart of STIIIZY SoMa are our passionate budtenders, embodying the spirit of our dispensary. They are educated, resourceful, and amicable, always on standby to help you find the perfect cannabis match for your needs and desires. Their love for cannabis and our customers shines through in every interaction.

Diverse Product Selection

Our SoMa dispensary is a treasure trove of your favorite STIIIZY products. Discover an extensive range of flower strains, pre-rolls, extracts, topicals, edibles, weed pen batteries, and the most stylish STIIIZY merch. All of this goodness is just a short distance away from your home.

Join the STIIIZY Movement

With premium cannabis products, an experiential retail lifestyle, and a fiercely loyal customer base, we proudly stand as the #1 cannabis brand in California. And we’re on track to bring the same level of awesomeness to Michigan soon! Stay in the loop, and in the meantime, satisfy your STIIIZY cravings at our SoMa location.

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Google Reviews

28 reviews
  • Eduardo Sierra
    Eduardo Sierra
    2 months ago

    My second time here and my excellence experience went down hill. I went for the first time on a sale day. The lovely lady who helped me inform me since I can’t combine deals I would be able to use my first time 30% off the next visit, regardless the day. Fast forward today, I went in and let the girl know before hand about the deal. Keep in mind the same girl is helping me again. She said she can def figure something out, all she needed was a manager override. She calls over the guy. Which he inform me they no longer offer that deal and that he wouldn’t be able to honor it. I got annoyed as I drove almost an hour out for what now seems to be for no reason. I voice my upset feeling and he just had a blank face and will just say there nothing he can do. I think what threw me off the edge was he would say that he’s doing the best he can but would follow with “there nothing I can do”. So I pointed that out as well as how his face just looked annoyed with me and just wanted me to leave. So he said if I were just going to pick at him I can either buy the product or leave. Well guess what I left and went to union square. Where guess what they were able to honor my deal! Never going back here and I have contacted the BBB. As for the lovely lady who help me! She amazing! Sweet and actually worried about my needs!

  • PotShots
    a month ago

    Good experience with the shop and staff, friendly and helpful. The product selection was limited and very focused on STIIZY brand products. In the case of pre-roll packs, the STIIZY brand infused joints were the only option, and they are not a good product. One of the harshest smokes I've ever had and hasn't improved after several years. I regret giving it another chance.

  • Join The Movement
    Join The Movement
    2 months ago

    I spend a lot of money at Stiiizy period, a lot. Recently though, they have been very very slow and more inclined with learning about customers personal lives rather serve the patient and move onto the next. My advice for them as a company since they are clearly cutting corners and trying to save money judging by less armed guards would be to focus on getting the customers taken care of and moving on, the chit chat is unnecessary. I’ll continue to spend money here I just won’t be coming as often as I use to, which was everyday sometimes multiple times a day.

  • DamiOye Personal
    DamiOye Personal
    4 months ago

    Suku, Kevin, Dylan, Mote are the BEST! If you’re in the city, pull up. The dankest of dank.

  • Liam
    7 months ago

    This is easily the best stiiizy store in the San Francisco area. Parking situation looks weird when u pull up but there are plenty of 15 min spaces open. I drive from San Jose and take the extra 25 minutes of city traffic to go to this specific store. The customer service is amazing and the employees are always absolutely wonderful. Always make me feel like a kid in a candy shop. Shoutout to the wonderful lady with long pink nails and the other amazing one that mumbles a lot when she speaks.

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