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STIIIZY Vista Dispensary hit the ground running in SoCal on May 21, 2021, marking our first footprint in San Diego County and our eighth overall. This bad-boy spans 2,970 square feet and was initially launched as a medicinal-only dispensary. But hey, we’re all about progression, and as of August 2021, we’ve expanded our services to include recreational cannabis customers too. Talk about leveling up!

Our dispensary, nestled right off Ronald Packard Pkwy, is more than just a shop —it’s a hub for the cannabis community serving Vista, San Marcos, and Lake San Marcos, among other neighborhoods. We’re also conveniently near some prime chill-out spots like Calavera Hills Community Park and Oceanside Harbor Beach.

The STIIIZY experience is nothing without our crew — our budtenders are the real MVPs. They’ve been hailed by our patrons for their friendly service and cannabis savvy. Their enthusiasm and professionalism make the STIIIZY experience a cut above the rest.

STIIIZY Vista is your gateway to various top-tier cannabis products, whether you’re after medicinal weed or a recreational high. Our assortment includes everything from flower, vapes, extracts, edibles to weed pen batteries. Of course, we take pride in cultivating our premium marijuana, but we also stock popular brands like Baby Jane, Cookies, and Honeyleaf. So, whether you’re into pre-rolls, live resin diamonds, or topicals, we’ve got you covered.

Our quality products, experiential retail lifestyle, and loyal STIIIZY customers have earned us the title of the #1 cannabis brand in California. And trust us, we’re just getting started. Come check us out!



Google Reviews

151 reviews
  • Tiffany Lavigne
    Tiffany Lavigne
    a year ago

    Great experience, very helpful. Great prices. Randy gave us great service. We will be back while visiting the area.

  • Natashia Copple
    Natashia Copple
    a month ago

    Always 20 employees and only one working the counter. Super friendly environment, but the product is old and dry, and $3 to use a debit card. They have no problem letting you know you are being ripped off.

    3 months ago

    Products are good but they never have the good buys in stock ever. Ain’t had the 7s in weeks but literally every store in LA stays stocked. Could be a great spot with more effort

  • Alex Steinhart
    Alex Steinhart
    a month ago

    This was my go-to spot for a couple of years, literally spent thousands here however; i don't know what the deal with management/owners is but, they just don't seem to restock their stuff or care much about employees and customers. For instance, their 510 cartridges hasnt been restock in months, but they still regularly run active deals (or they're lazy and dont update them), that they don't have any supply of (like the select deal on Sunday that they haven't had stock for, 2 months now but the deal stays?) Staff has said "they have no control over what they receive". I don't understand it but I can tell you that new competitors are popping up monthly/old ones are expanding. My new favorite is The Cake House which is about 5 mins away, has way better deals and way bigger selection of everything, oh and did I mention I haven't had to wait once yet? I also already had $35 in rewards from like 5 visits, I doubt I even earned $100 from Stiiizy in my 5k+ spent. For the most part Staff was always friendly and helpful but even that seems to be changing and Ive seen less and less of the old employees that had been there a long time and lots of new faces regularly which tells me even more about how bad it must be getting managed.

  • Jacob Snipes
    Jacob Snipes
    2 months ago

    Every single time I go there the rules change with helmets. I ride a motorcycle every day and this place seems to always change the rules about helmets every single time I come in. It's either I can wear my helmet I can bring it in or I can't take it in. And if you as a company makes someone leave a helmet outside you guys as a company are responsible for that helmet if anything happen to that helmet but the employees think otherwise when. All I asked if I can bring in my helmet and the rules don't change but they said now the rules are no helmets inside at all. And just because of that I'm never coming back and I'm going to tell all my buddies that ride never to come here

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