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STIIIZY Wilmington Dispensary

About STIIIZY Wilmington Dispensary

Hey, South Bay and Long Beach, guess what? The STIIIZY Wilmington Dispensary is here and ready to serve you with the dankest of the dank. Since July 2022, our 18th branded store, conveniently nestled at 1026 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Wilmington, CA 90744, has been the go-to stop for all your cannabis needs. Quick access from the 110 Harbor Freeway makes it a breeze to get your stash.

Location and Service Area

Our dispensary’s location is prime, serving not just the Wilmington community but also neighborhoods like Harbor Pines, Arlington, West Carson, Lomita, and beyond. We’re just a stone’s throw away from the Wilmington Waterfront Park, making us the perfect pit stop for your chill day out.

Budtender Expertise

Navigating the ever-growing sea of cannabis products can be a bit of a buzzkill. But that’s why our budtenders are here to guide you through the maze of flower, edibles, and weed pen batteries. Passionate about cannabis and armed with knowledge, they’re the human side of STIIIZY, helping to build the loyalty and love we’re known for.

Product Selection

Beyond our in-house STIIIZY brand, we’ve curated a selection of products from other faves like Baby Jane, Heavy Hitters, Honeyleaf, and TSTY. So whether you’re looking for different flower strains, extracts, Stiiizy vape pods, topicals, pre-rolls, gear, or even some exclusive STIIIZY merch, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Us?

It’s simple. Our premium products, immersive retail lifestyle, and unwavering commitment to our customers make us the undisputed #1 cannabis brand in California. Don’t miss out. Swing by and experience the STIIIZY vibe for yourself.

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Google Reviews

69 reviews
  • Tamiko Williams
    Tamiko Williams
    3 weeks ago

    Updated review: After further communication with support, they approved my exchange for my malfunctioning cartridges. I recommend make sure you keep all packaging even if they initially work. I also kept my receipt thankfully. They updated my account for the exchange approval, and it went smoothly. Customer support may take at least 48 hrs instead of the 24hrs I was told. They need a better return/ exchange policy for customers who may use their cartridges after the 7 day policy.

  • Idunn The Wanderer
    Idunn The Wanderer
    2 weeks ago

    If you use concentrates, don't waste your time going anywhere else. Every time I do I end up saying "I should have just went to Stiiizy". They have daily specials, Wednesday for concentrates. They tweaked the deal this year but it's still an amazing deal. I don't know anywhere else I could walk out the door with 8g of rosin for under $200. This particular location always seems to have the largest selection in the LA area. And don't forget the new customer discounts!

  • Mark Smolak
    Mark Smolak
    3 months ago

    I will never step foot in the Wilmington store again. Biggest waste of time and my money going in there and driving there. The staff could not figure out my medical card. And while they were trying to figure it out, they let 5 people from behind me. Take my place in the line creating a 30 minute. Wait for me to get service. So needless to say I left didn't buy anything. And I am taking my money to a place that has better customer service.

  • Christopher DeMore
    Christopher DeMore
    3 months ago

    I luv Sol I think is her name. (Neck tattoo) She just makes me feel great every time I speak with her. Nobody asks me how my day is. When I go in this place she actually cares about people. I left a review with my other gmail but I had to leave another one

  • Zechariah Agresta
    Zechariah Agresta
    5 months ago

    I bought the BIIIG BATTERY in rose gold along with a cart. After leaving the stiiizy shop and getting into my car I noticed the cart sat on the battery very loose and falls off with very little force (I've owned many stiiizys over the years and have never had a new battery have this issue). I went straight back into the store to show them the issue hoping to replace the battery. I spoke to an employee showing him the issue asking to try it on a different battery. He acted like he didn't know what i was asking and told me laughing that I could purchase a new battery if i wanted to try another battery. I then asked for a manager and he told me he was the floor lead so I asked for a manager again (dude was super unprofessional) . The manager told me as long as the battery flashes and it hits there is no issue that he can help me with. I asked again if we could try my cart on a new battery or one of the display models. He told me he couldn't help me and said my only way forward is customer service. He said the stiiizy corporate return policy is very strict and he can't return anything unless the battery itself was defective. I've enjoyed stiiizys for years but this has put a bad taste in my mouth. This was my first time in a stiiizy store and I was very surprised at the lack of product support on an item purchased the same day and never used. I literally went there because it says stiiizy on the building and thought I could trust the name. I gave them 2 stars for my one star experince because it really might just be horrible corporate policy and that kid my not have known how he was coming off. Overpriced Mid for sure though.

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