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Welcome to The 1937 Group: Pioneering Excellence in Cannabis Cultivation and Distribution

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About The 1937 Group: Fostering Equity and Progress in Cannabis Industry

The 1937 Group stands as a testament to the transformative power of the cannabis industry when steered toward social equity and inclusivity. Under the visionary leadership of Chairman and CEO Ambrose Jackson, the company propels forward with a mission to leverage the cannabis sector in addressing historical injustices and fostering a more inclusive and equitable landscape. The name “The 1937 Group” itself is a poignant reminder of the Marihuana Act of 1937, which perpetuated racial discrimination and injustice, serving as a catalyst for the Group’s unwavering commitment to social equity.

Expertise in Vertically Integrated Cannabis Operations

The 1937 Group, based in Chicago, IL, operates as a minority-owned, vertically integrated cannabis company with a deep-rooted respect for the cannabis culture. They have a 50,000 sq ft cultivation and manufacturing facility in Broadview, IL, and are licensed to transport products between Illinois’ licensed cultivators, infusers, and retailers. They are also set to open an adult-use cannabis dispensary in Illinois by September 2023.

Origin and Passion Fueling The 1937 Group

Founded in 2020, The 1937 Group embarked on a journey to redefine the contours of the cannabis industry in Illinois. Ambrose Jackson, with a robust background in healthcare management, saw the formation of The 1937 Group as a natural progression in his career, aiming to bridge the gaps between communities through the therapeutic and economic potential of cannabis. The Group, heralded as the first minority-owned vertically integrated cannabis entity in Illinois, is not just a business venture but a conduit for positive social change. The collaborative ethos among its compact yet diverse team amplifies the Group’s impact, embodying the vision of crafting a harmonious intersection between social equity and cannabis entrepreneurship.

The 1937 Group House of Brands


Originating from Los Angeles, Bloom Vape is characterized by its team of devoted cannabis enthusiasts who started crafting cannabis products in 2014, although their experience with cannabis goes way back. They are dedicated to sharing the exceptional benefits of cannabis with a broader audience.


Lobo Cannagar is known for its luxury cannagars and premium pre-rolls, sourcing the highest quality flower to create unique cannabis experiences. They operate within the regulated cannabis and national hemp markets.


A Latina-owned brand, Canna Bella Lux is a symbol of empowerment, wellness, and wisdom. It’s committed to promoting Women, Empowerment, Equality, and Diversity (W.E.E.D) and creates a nurturing network through its blog, retail experiences, and community events.


Embracing simplicity, Old Pal seeks to bring back the days when weed was just weed, and community meant something. With affordable and abundant products, it encourages sharing and caring among old and new pals alike.


Sherbinskis, a global curator of cannabis culture, is the originator of the renowned Gelato & Sunset Sherbert strains. Known for its collaborations in music, art, and fashion, it partners exclusively with The 1937 Group for its brand, genetics, and products in Illinois.


Uniting people of all backgrounds through cannabis, Kush League promotes cannabis as an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle, aiming to shift the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and athletics.


Potli, established by Felicity Chen, a third-generation sauce and spice maker, aims to promote healthy living through high-quality, craftsman kitchen staples. Potli has garnered recognition in several notable publications like Forbes and Vanity Fair.


Catering to smokers, Sticky Leafs provides premium natural tobacco leaves for rolling cannabis, addressing the inefficiency of buying premade cigars only to break them down. The brand is expanding, currently operating in four states.


TerpKings is a craft cannabis brand dedicated to disproving the misconception that higher THC equals quality cannabis. It emphasizes on cultivating strains with exceptional terpene profiles, offering unique aromas and tastes.

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