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  • Monday 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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The Reef – Seaside California

The Reef is a cannabis dispensary located in Seaside, California, just north of Monterey. Whether you’re a medical or recreational consumer, The Reef has the best selection of cannabis products in the area. The dispensary is conveniently located off the Pacific Coast Highway at 1900 Fremont Boulevard, near Seaside’s Sand City Beach.

The Reef by Body and Mind offers a wide range of cannabis products, including flower, vapes, edibles, and wellness products from the best cannabis brands in Monterey’s Seaside. Some featured brands include Connected, Lowel Farms, Glass House, Fig Farms, Jeeter, Stiiizy, and 710 Labs.

The dispensary’s experienced budtenders can answer questions and guide you to The Perfect Balance of Body and Mind. The Reef also offers elite customer service, including private consultations, customer rewards programs, easy ordering online, express pickup, and discreet same-day delivery.

Whether you prefer in-store shopping or delivery, The Reef covers you. You can visit the dispensary in Seaside or order online for convenient pickup or discreet same-day delivery. The Reef is pet-friendly so you can bring your furry friend along.

Overall, The Reef by Body and Mind is the best dispensary in Seaside, offering high-quality cannabis products and exceptional customer service. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy cannabis dispensary in Seaside, look no further than The Reef.

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Google Reviews

538 reviews
  • Lencho Lopez
    Lencho Lopez
    a month ago

    WoW 52$ dollars says the label, I get charged 80 dollars on top of the fact that I gave 14 cash and used my card. WoW never again highway roberry. Be aware cutomers!!.Doesn't feel good to feel this way when u been a good customer. Adios reef

  • Zachary Ross
    Zachary Ross
    3 months ago

    I used to go here everyday and usually always left satisfied. Until last time we went in. We paid for our purchase with a 100$ bill and received a FAKE counterfeit 10$ bill as part of our change. After notifying them of the issue and attempting to go back in multiple times, the security guard said “sorry man there’s nothing we can do for you, call the cops.” Finally someone on the phone said to come in so they can make it right. Yes It’s 10 dollars but it’s the principle, and by then I was over it and decided it wasn’t worth it, that I would take my business somewhere else.

  • Harold Zosel
    Harold Zosel
    3 months ago

    Awful dispensary and atmosphere. I enjoy walking into a comfortable, and welcoming environment when I visit a weed store. Instead of feeling like I’m walking out of the hood, it feels like I’m walking right down the street and buying weed back in my neighborhood. Instead of asking if I need anything as I in there they all stared at me like I was doing something wrong, how nice. Every single person who helped me looked and was as if they just finish snorting a line of your something I won’t mention by name (Ice), a bit high strung for a weed shop. All of them! Including the person checking my I.D., (Can’t call him a security guard if he can’t take care of himself) to the person helping me find my stuff, and the person behind the register. The Reef used to be the best, it’s tough seeing watching the fall to the bottom in Seaside. I visited on, 2/7/23 BTW

  • QueenD (Devin)
    QueenD (Devin)
    6 months ago

    Horrible service and double pricing their items. They tried to rip me off. Twice. First tried to charge me $41 for a $22 item and was told it had taxes and a card charge. It still didn’t add up so she apologized and said the item wasn’t in inventory so couldn’t sell. Then I purchased an item priced at $25 and my card was charged $38.. again, Doesn’t add up. $13 in taxes and other fees for a single item? I was visiting from Santa Cruz and I regret stopping here .my local shops never over charge or make me leave feeling tricked and ripped off. The receipt I asked more than once to have, showed a $35 charge but my bank statement charge is $38. Make it make sense because it don’t. I paid 38 bucks for a half gram disposable cartridge. The girls working the registers lack simple math skills and at the least shouldn’t be making transactions 🙄

  • Rachael Quintero
    Rachael Quintero
    3 months ago

    Since new ownership stuff has changed. They don’t carry a lot of the quality products they used to cannabiotix included, literally the only reason I went there. And they no longer serve an industry discount for people who put in hours to this game and can’t get good meds at decent price. That’s what happens when u get bought out by big canna some San Diego corp stuff. I hope black market sends you rip off tax boys under. Good luck