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Verilife Romeoville cannabis dispensary

Welcome to Verilife Romeoville: Your Source for Premium Cannabis

Welcome to Verilife Romeoville, where we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of medical and recreational cannabis products.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or new to the plant, our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through your cannabis journey.

Verilife: About Us

Conveniently located near Bolingbrook, we’re proud to serve communities like Plainfield, Lemont, and Crest Hill.

Our dispensary accepts debit cards for your convenience, and we also provide free parking for both medical and recreational customers.

What to Bring to Verilife Romeoville

For medical patients, please bring your medical marijuana card and a valid, state-issued photo ID.

Recreational users only need a valid, state-issued photo ID.

Our dispensary staff is well-equipped to answer any questions you may have, including those about sales tax, which varies based on the amount of THC and the type of product.

How to Get an IL Medical Cannabis Card

Interested in becoming a medical cannabis patient in Illinois?

You’ll need to get certified for a medical cannabis card.

This will let you save up to 40% on taxes, and even grow your own cannabis.

Directions to Verilife Romeoville

If you’re coming from Bolingbrook, we’re just a five-minute drive away.

For those coming from other communities like Plainfield, Lemont, or Crest Hill, you’ll find us conveniently located and easy to reach.

Verilife Deals and Promotions

While we don’t currently offer cannabis delivery, we have various deals and promotions to enhance your shopping experience.

Feel free to visit our deals page for the latest offers.

Stay Connected with Verilife Romeoville

Follow us on Facebook for updates, promotions, and more.

Get Your IL Medical Card and Save up to 40% in Taxes

Get your medical marijuana certification in minutes. Save time, skip the clinic line. Book now

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Google Reviews

2,086 reviews
  • Erin Gebhardt
    Erin Gebhardt
    in the last week

    Last time was great as it normally is! Had Julian N. who always remembers my name (even if I haven't been in awhile). Great customer service skills on someone around my own age, which I respect being a customer service employee as well! Clearly a good worker!;)

  • Martin
    a month ago

    I just recently purchased a few 1g magnitude carts from Verilife and had an issue with one leaking out of the bottom vents. I went to the website and emailed the customer service email that was posted online, followed up a few days later with a phone call to be told by the employee that I have to send the request to a different email address that I couldn’t find posted on their website, I checked under the contact us link with just receiving the same info of that old customer service email that I guess is no longer being monitored. Either way I sent a new email to address that I was provided, waited a few days with no response and then decided to call again to ask for the manager. Talked to Brandon he was super nice helpful and offered to have me come in the same day for a replacement, drove in showed him the picture and my receipt he provided the replacement which I am very appreciative of. My frustrations here are the fact that the website is misleading with the cs Verilife email address and the fact that I had sent a few follow ups with no response. All I received was an automated email stating that my response was received and I will be responded to in a prompt manner but revived nothing until following up again via phone call again. Great place great products great workers, I just need a bit more information on the website regarding returns on faulty or bad products. If I struggled this much with it I can only imagine others are experiencing the same.

  • Giuseppe
    in the last week

    Chris Hall is definitely one of the best workers there. He goes above and beyond makes you feel like a homie and customer skills are just superb got to love the guy. definitely the rest of the workers are very friendly and accommodating and good people good vibes but Chris.... he's just a little extra got to love him He's a good asset to the team I would say.

  • pizza
    in the last week

    Always frequent this location for it's medical card acceptance and the nice deals. But especially the staff most of em are great accommodating people. Especially Chris Hall, always makes you feel like a friend providing great custy service. Hope I get to burn a one with him one day.

  • Alyssa Klos
    Alyssa Klos
    a month ago

    Franny was my GO TOO! He was awesome at helping me when I had questions and he knew exactly what it was that I needed and was looking for. Besides being great at his job he was awesome to talk to and extremely social and friendly. I will come back just to see him and try new things through him! Go check this place out and look for Franny I promise it’s worth it.

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