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Where to Get Cannabis Seeds

Where to Get Cannabis Seeds

With all this excitement around legal home grow, you may be wondering where to find the best cannabis seeds and genetics to get your garden started. Luckily, this blog will help people explore various options and vendors with great seeds and solid genetics for the optimal home grow experience.

Founded by Robert Bergman, a self-described marijuana enthusiast and weed seed retailer. Mr. Bergman has managed and operated industrial sized plantations and labs where he worked on breeding new, more versatile strains. Be sure to check out ILGM’s blog to learn helpful tips and gain further insight into cannabis home grow. Herbies Seeds As per the Herbies Seeds website: Herbies Seeds is a reputable cannabis seeds shop that’s been on the cannabis market for over 20 years providing top-notch marijuana seeds worldwide. With our expertise, commitment and love for what we do, Herbies Seeds guarantees that all orders will be handled professionally and delivered to almost any spot on the planet. They currently boast over 800,000 customers and have a large selection of strains available on their website. To learn more about cannabis home grow, check out the Herbies Seeds blog!  

Mephisto Genetics Farm raised seed

Mephisto Genetics US Store Mephisto Genetics describes themselves as “a small outfit of autoflower enthusiasts, founded by two friends in 2012”. They have grown to a team of eight people today split across two continents and claim to take a “no smoke and mirrors approach”, actively inviting their fans to watch and help in their “breeding adventures”. Mephisto Genetics documents their strains from conception through to release, typically over 5 generations of breeding.  

ATTITUDE SEEDBANK Cannabis Seeds An incredibly large online cannabis seed bank that is well known for their reliable shipping and free swag (e.g. beanies and t-shirts) with every purchase. Attitude Seed Bank allows customers to pay by credit card or by using cryptocurrency as well. Reviews on reddit certainly seem to suggest this has been a reliable seed retailer for several years. To learn more about cannabis home grow, visit the Attitude Seedbank blog.  

Seedsman marijuana cannabis seeds

Seedsman   Seedsman claims their mission is to “preserve cannabis genetics for future generations whilst promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under a legal framework.” They stress the importance of ensuring “a diverse gene pool remains when politicians begin to better realize the therapeutic applications of cannabis and the possibility that the best way to minimize harm to individuals is through regulation of cannabis and its derivatives under a legal framework.” To learn more about cannabis home grow, genetics and science, visit the Seedsman blog.  

Seed Supreme Cannabis Seed Home Grow

Seed Supreme SeedSupreme Seedbank claims to be the perfect online store for “tremendous value, high-quality marijuana seeds.” They ship to the United States and offer insurance/stealth packaging! Their selection of high-quality marijuana seeds comes from “a collection of renowned growers and breeders from Netherlands to Colorado seed banks”. To learn more about cannabis home grow, check out Seed Supreme’s blog!  

Seed City As per Seed City’s website: the UK based company is said to have started in 2010 by a group of people with a passion for collecting fine cannabis seeds. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Seed City is dedicated to providing a sterling level of service alongside the high-quality marijuana seeds we supply.  

Get Seeds Right Here Cannabis Seeds

Get Seeds Right Here This cannabis seed company offers free shipping and freebies with their orders.    

Great Lakes Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Great Lakes Genetics As per the Great Lakes Genetics website: “our talented seed breeders are using the best of genetics to bring you new and exciting strains of cannabis seed stock.” Their science and techniques allow our store and our cannabis products to be unique. We are thankful for their insights and efforts to bring quality and variety to our valued customers.

Horror Seeds Cannabis Seeds

Horror Seeds A cannabis seed retailer with a spooky name.    

The Unofficial Good Guys Cannabis Seeds

Unofficial Good Guys Cannabis Seeds As per the Unofficial Good Guys website: I began this journey with the creation CannaFamSeeds, a compassion-based genetics collective that uses the proceeds from sales to cover treatments for veterans and low-income families and individuals across the country negatively affected by Prohibition. We founded The Unofficial Good Guys in 2016 as a means to provide for our own family and to connect all of you to top-shelf gear at a fair price from gifted breeders and preservationists.

One Love Genetics One Love Genetics is a team of breeders with a combined total of over 30  years of experience in breeding top shelf hemp seeds dedicated to  providing the best strains without a high price tag. Based in  Sacramento, California, USA, we specialize in regular seeds, offering  indicas, sativas, hybrids, and autoflowering strains from a wide variety  of origins.

 Elev8 Seeds After investing years of building relationships with some very talented breeders and growers, we have obtained some of the best genetics in existence. Our decision at Elev8 Seeds to carry a strain depends on whether we believe that strain to be a definite “keeper”. By working with large medical marijuana growers, we at Elev8 Seeds have had the opportunity to compare countless strains side by side in the same environment to find that top 1% that people search so hard for. Elev8 Seeds’ mission is simple: to provide the best genetics in seed form to those that know the value of world-class genetics.  

Captain Redbeard Seeds Captain Redbeard started out in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program in 2006. Trained by a master grower, he spent his early years focusing on patient care and low cost access to organic medicine. Over the years he became a successful grower, always providing clean organic medicine for as many patients as the law allowed. In 2010 he switched gears to producing stable genetics for his fellow growers. Always playing the mad scientist, he has created some of the most interesting crosses and continues to strive for genetic stability while maintaining ease of growing for beginners. All cannabis seeds bred by Captain Redbeard‘s seedbank are geared towards easy growing, potency and yield.  

Linda Seeds We are an online cannabis seed shop from Barcelona. Since 2010 we have been shipping inexpensive cannabis seeds from over 85 of the best cannabis seeds breeders in the world.

Growers Choice Seeds The recent legalization of cannabis in California has many Sacramentans asking the logical next question: Where can I get Sacramento cannabis seeds? While there are several local dispensaries, the favorite answer for those seeking a range of premium seeds has been Growers Choice—a North American company that takes charge of everything from the horticultural science to the packaging and distribution.

Homegrown Cannabis Co We’re a shop for marijuana seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds or whatever you want to call them. We are here to make your growing adventure as enjoyable as it is rewarding. Our marijuana seed bank offers high-quality, fast-germinating weed seeds with proven, stabilized genetics. More than 400 marijuana seeds across an enviable range of regular, feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds, all at affordable prices.

Crop King Seeds We have been in the cannabis seeds industry since 2005 and has evolved significantly from being a one-employee company shipping from an apartment to being a full scale marijuana seed brand which is sold in over 300 stores across Canada. Crop King Seeds is progressively growing with over 40 strains available in our lineup. More cannabis strains will be introduced in the near future as the company is investing time and money on breeding new strains. You can visit our About page for more details.

 Neptune Seed Bank

AG Seed Co

Authentic Genetics Seed Company is the home of Todd McCormick and Mel Frank’s personal seed collection. Curated by cannabis cultivator Todd McCormick, this unique library of genetics spans his more-than-35 years of experience in breeding and selection. The seedstock available in this catalogue are bred to be the most authentic  representations of the varieties listed. As for the Skunk No.1 seeds, they were begotten from Skunkman Sam by Mel Frank in 1988, Mel Frank reproduced them in 1996 and again in 2010, Authentic Genetics has seeds from both years and they are $20.00 each in very limited quantities.

DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics was founded by Don and Aaron in Amsterdam back in 2004 and is known for being the undisputed leader in creating high quality medical genetics. In over 10 years, DNA Genetics has won more than 200 awards in all categories at the most prestigious cannabis events all over the world. Quality and variety is a trademark that you can find within the DNA Genetics brand, Our most famous strains are L.A Confidential, Chocolope, Holy Grail Kush, Kosher Kush and Tangie to name a few. DNA is a brand that you can trust, source your winners today from our official site today.

Prarie State Genetix

High quality cannabis genetics and micro dosing maintenance right here. PSGx is Midwest born and West Coast raised. Genetics should be the head cornerstone of any solid grow. PSGx is here to help guide you along your journey. Don’t make the mistake of going out and spending thousands of dollars on your grow setup and then skimp on your genetics because your final product is ALL ABOUT the genetics you are growing!!!

Synergy Automatic Genetics

Synergy Automatic Genetics is a cannabis seed breeder dedicated to the production of the latest up-to-date Autoflowers and regular photoperiod cannabis. It is possible with some of our genetics to finish in under 60 days from start to finish / seed to bud. We have worked with rare genetics, crosses. original landrace strains and strains with ultra high THC, CBD and terpenes since 2012. Synergy Automatic Genetics is a leader in the Autoflower space.


Welcome to the AutoFlower Network. We are a community of autoflowering cannabis growers, breeders and enthusiasts. Inside you will find forums full of autoflower information, As well as some of the best medical marijuana documentation you can find anywhere. DC Seed Exchange DSCE will not work with untested breeders or seed banks that only produce first-generation strains. We only work with breeders that have stabilized genetics that produce results generation after generation. DCSE and its affiliates provide “souvenir seeds,” otherwise known as hemp seeds, that are negligible in THC and are legal in most states and countries to possess. Our souvenir seeds may be used for collection or for food or for genetic preservation purposes. We do not condone illegal acts with our products. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seeds Here Now was built on the principles of making original, preservation quality, genetics available to the community and to providing the best customer service in the industry.Our breeder preservation lines continue to grow by following strict breeding standards, improving standard product lines through trait stabilization, and listening to the customers needs. This ensures that you are only adding the best preservation materials to your collection.

We pride ourselves in offering quality cannabis seeds at unbeatable prices. GPS is the Best Seed Bank in the USA. We offer feminized and regular cannabis seeds and genetics at the best prices. All Greenpoint Seeds purchases come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every order comes with guaranteed delivery, guaranteed germination rates, as well as a guarantee you will be satisfied with the phenotypes you find. If you are looking for rare American bred seeds to add to your collection, Greenpoint Seeds offers a diverse selection of exclusive releases. Each pack of seeds has been bred to perfection over many years by our experienced breeders at Greenpoint Seeds.

The Seed Cellar was officially established in 2016.  It was first started within the Jackson County Compassion Club in 2012 where medical patients would come in and ask for clean genetics.  The Jackson County Compassion Club had a caregiver to caregiver clone program, but the issue was that you had to trust the caregiver bringing in the clones to bring accurately named, mildew, and pest free clones.  

We have been licensed medical marijuana growers in Oregon for over two decades. We have grown over 150 strains and selected the best of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD. We continue to select the very best plants of each strain for breeding. After many years of breeding, we believe these seeds represent some of the best strains available anywhere.

Get Your Green Garden Growing Today

While setting up your first home grow can seem like a daunting task at first, with the proper information and equipment, it can actually be a fun process! To learn more about cultivating cannabis at home, be sure to read our blog on the basics of seed germination here. With IL cannabis patients finally able to legally purchase and grow their own cannabis, the time for medical patients to regain their cannabis sovereignty is now! Check out the seed banks above and get your green garden growing today.

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