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Most directories let anyone and everyone in. Here, we are more selective in curating only the businesses that best align with our mission, vision, and the needs of our community.

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Put your best foot forward and let us create a verified listing for your business that showcases verified information about your business, what it offers, and how people can get in touch so that they know your business is the real deal. A yearly fee of $297 covers a 30-minute directory consultation call, page setup, verification badge, and thorough search engine optimization. You’ll get a great-looking verified listing that will work to build traffic, rankings, clicks, and leads to your website over time as people search for businesses like yours.

Featured Custom Listings

Get ahead of the competition and feature your business above the rest with listings explicitly customized to your needs. With the custom featured listing, you can plug links to your business menus, hours, promotions, videos, and more. These listings are optimized quarterly, prioritized in our list of introductions, and featured in our newsletter and website that reaches thousands of people per month. At $150/month or $1497/year, our custom featured listing is the best way to maximize your business’s value from The Cannabis Community!

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