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Advertising & Brand Partnerships

Advertising & Brand Partnerships with The Cannabis Community

The cannabis industry is all about trust and relationships. As the world gets busier, connecting to the right people who matter is the most important thing you can do in the short time you have.

Partner with The Cannabis Community and tap into the social capital we’ve been building since 2013.


With close to 10,000 email subscribers, an online community of 30,000+ members, and a social media audience with 100,000+ followers, we understand how people who love cannabis use the internet today and can help your brand build awareness, engagements, and trusted relationships in the community with a highly engaged audience of consumers, advocates, professionals, and stakeholders who matter. Ask us about our sponsored newsletters, social media posts, shows, and business directories!


No matter who you are, or what you sell, it all starts with putting your best foot forward. Fortunately, great visuals are a surefire way to capture attention, create engagement, and establish a brand people will quickly begin to recognize, like, and trust. So whether it’s a business card, logo, flyer, pitch deck presentation, or design needed for your marketing materials, you can count on our 15+ years of experience in this department for amazingly fast turnaround times, personalized customer service, and beautiful designs will fall in love with.


We’ve invested 10+ years in the cannabis industry and have learned many lessons that cost a lot of time, money, and sleep. Now, we know how to help others save time and stress by leveraging the knowledge, tools, expertise, and insights we’ve picked up along the way. We know a thing or two about:

  • Building a social media or digital strategy
  • Developing and engaging an online community
  • Creating online content like posts, graphics, videos and live streams
  • Navigating the industry and key markets like Illinois or New York


Talking about cannabis is hard; we get it. We’ve been speaking out about cannabis since there was more opposition, obstacles, and stigma around it. We have presented and spoken publically at medical facilities, libraries, colleges, city town halls, committee hearings, conferences, and live events with audiences large and small. We know every counter-argument around cannabis and can sell the benefits like there is no tomorrow. If you need a professional advocate on your side to present or speak, call us, and we can do the talking.

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