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Coronavirus and Cannabis – What You Need to Know

Coronavirus and Cannabis – What You Need to Know

We’ve all been impacted by coronavirus by now. Whether we’re in full quarantine or simply self-isolating or still going to work as an essential employee, coronavirus has changed our day-to-day lives.

And many of us are wondering: how is coronavirus going to impact my cannabis consumption? Can I still access my legal products? Will the dispensaries be open? Is it even safe to smoke or vape cannabis, given that coronavirus is a respiratory illness? 

Those are all good questions and we’ll answer them all. Keep reading.

where are dispensaries open during the covid-19 pandemic?

Cannabis is an Essential Industry 

The cannabis industry has made great strides in the last few years, going from illegal to what many states consider an essential industry, along with supermarkets, law enforcement, and hospitals. 

As of March 30, 2020, the following states consider cannabis an essential industry and the following types of businesses are allowed to continue operations:

  • California – state-licensed cannabis companies 
  • Colorado – medical and recreational cannabis vendors
  • Connecticut – medical cannabis dispensaries and producers 
  • Delaware – medical cannabis dispensaries
  • Hawaii – medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation centers 
  • Illinois – state-licensed cannabis growers and retailers
  • Louisiana – the entire medical cannabis supply chain 
  • Massachusetts – licensed medical cannabis retailers 
  • Michigan – licensed medical and recreational cannabis businesses may operate if they offer curbside or delivery service
  • Minnesota – both medical cannabis companies 
  • Montana – all state-licensed medical cannabis businesses 
  • New Hampshire – all five state-licensed dispensaries 
  • New Jersey – all medical marijuana dispensaries
  • New Mexico – medical cannabis businesses 
  • New York – all licensed medical cannabis businesses 
  • Ohio  – all licensed medical cannabis dispensaries and growers
  • Oklahoma – all medical cannabis businesses
  • Oregon– licensed medical cannabis retailers may continue to operate through curbside service (no official “essential industry” list exists for Oregon.)
  • Pennsylvania  – medical cannabis dispensaries may offer service through curbside pickup service
  • Vermont  – medical cannabis dispensaries 
  • Washington (State) – all licensed cannabis businesses may sell both medical and recreational products through curbside pickup service

These rules may change at any point so please confirm the same constraints are still in effect in your state before going to your local cannabis businesses.

spreading covid-19 germs while sharing a joint

Staying Safe and Well

 So now that you know you can most likely continue to purchase your favorite product (supply-chain permitting), let’s talk about whether it’s safe for you to keep partaking.

What The Officials Say

The Executive Director of NORML, Erik Altieri, has a few thoughts. He recommends that everyone should “Avoid direct sharing and continually keep your personal collection clean, using 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol is an effective and affordable way to clear any germs or pathogens off your pieces.”

Additionally, we should “practicing social distancing as much as is feasibly possible, and also staying indoors to the largest extent you can — especially if you are among those who are most vulnerable, such as elderly medical cannabis patients.” 

 Those of us who are mindful of the fact Coronavirus is a respiratory illness should also seek to limit our exposure to combustive smoke, which can stress or strain our lungs. Edibles, and tinctures, and other non-smoke-able consumption methods are recommended whenever possible.

 That’s all well and good but what are people really doing?

are edibles safer than smoking during COVID-19

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