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Cornerstone Wellness Dispensary

Located in the tranquil neighborhood of Eagle Rock in Los Angeles, California, Cornerstone Wellness is a reputable dispensary extending its services to several neighborhoods within Los Angeles County, including Downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, and more.

Known for its dedication to quality and craft cannabis, Cornerstone has been a beacon of excellence in the cannabis industry for over 16 years.

As the first evidence-based medical dispensary in California, our expertise in providing exceptional cannabis services is unrivaled.

About Cornerstone Wellness

Cornerstone Wellness stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality and craft cannabis. With a history as the pioneer evidence-based medical dispensary in California, our dispensary has been serving the Northeast Los Angeles community with unparalleled cannabis services and premium products for over 16 years. Our support for small, independent, craft farms adhering to sustainable and regenerative cultivation practices underscores our dedication to quality.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

As a first-generation Latino and woman-owned shop, Cornerstone Wellness champions the equity movement. Our dispensary proudly features cannabis brands owned by females, minorities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, reflecting our commitment to inclusion. We foster a community where everyone’s needs and stories are heard and valued, ensuring we serve our community better.

Products and Services

We offer an extensive array of products including organic flower, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, and more. Besides our in-store offerings, we provide cannabis delivery services free of delivery charges, with a minimum order amount of $50.

Payment and Purchase Information

Accepting debit cards and housing an in-store ATM for cash payments, Cornerstone Wellness caters to various payment preferences. The cost of weed varies, covering a range of prices to meet everyone’s needs. Purchase limits are set based on your consumer status – recreational or medical.

Discounts and Deals

We offer special discounts for different member groups alongside everyday deals on our premium products. From 20% off the entire purchase for first-time members to discounts for veterans, active military, seniors, and SSI recipients, we ensure value for every penny spent at our dispensary.

Weekly Deals

Our weekly deals like Munchi Mondays, Tincture Tuesdays, Wyld Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, and Sunday Seconds are tailored to give you more for less, ensuring you enjoy premium products at discounted rates.

A Legacy of Excellence

Cornerstone Wellness is a legacy dispensary with over 16 years of service in the Los Angeles community. Our commitment to quality, inclusion, and excellent customer service makes us a leader in the cannabis industry, continually serving our community with high-quality cannabis products and services.

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Google Reviews

616 reviews
  • Ian
    2 weeks ago

    Monica is more than awesome super patient and nice to me while waiting to post this review. I’m so happy i stopped by here! Really good prices on some really nice things. I didn’t have a whole lot of money either and Monica was very helpful in getting the product I wanted and more. I really love this little cute shop. Everyone is super nice as well while getting checked in felt very welcomed ^.^ would definitely come back again on my next vacation to California :). Also, loved the lady in the check in gave me couple stickers and a pin. Just can not advocate enough for the workers and the dispensary itself.

    4 months ago

    A beautiful magical cannabis shop in Eagle Rock and serving Highland Park, NELA and Pasadena with a delightful array of products, a cute atmosphere and friendly knowledgeable bartenders. They have a great selection with a few budget options. Their online menus have been accurate. If you're a medical patient like me, they have compassion and advice for pain management. Thank you to Cornerstone Wellness, you've improved my life and helped me manage my MS related chronic pain. I appreciate you 🙏🏾

  • Brian Paknoosh
    Brian Paknoosh
    7 months ago

    Nick was super polite! Absolutely amazing customer support all around. Very modest space with huge selection of items easily shown through their ipads!

  • Sincerely VII
    Sincerely VII
    a month ago

    Shout out to Josh for not saying "I don't know " about a order he even tried to send me a link to pay which still didn't work but hey at least you tried.... he then told me to call cornerstone since they have better ways if i did make another order since the first one never showed up... he easily could of said i"i dont know" but he didn't they actually care :). The bud here is another world always have great medicine and vibes!!! I always get. gotta love this place

  • shauna wallo
    shauna wallo
    3 months ago

    What this company has done for myself and family is amazing!! I’m part of a compassion program and the sellers donate for free for us disabled. I have 3 disabilities and I’ve never done good with marijuana but my body clearly needed it. They know how to Taylor that with mixes of products. Life changing!!! Also, the team makes you feel like they have known you forever…not sure where to begin about the whole place: clean, safe, diverse warm and welcoming and beyond current or advanced in product. It’s a whole vibe…stop by and pick up some pop rocks ;)

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