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At Direct Payment Group, we believe that businesses should have the insights on their sales data to help them remain aware of their customers and performance.

By simplifying what is usually complicated and confusing about payment processing, Direct Payment group continues to offer unique solutions that empower clients to stay educated, informed and insightful about their customers.

Payment Processing

Direct Payment Group processes applications for a variety of business types in all industries. We help you manage the payments side of your business with a top down approach so you can avoid additional fees.

Gateway Setup

Want to accept payments through multiple channels? We can set up payment gateways for your business that are secure, easy to use, and integrate with the current systems you rely on.

Chargeback Protection

Concerned about fulfilling sales for questionable transactions? We offer a variety of products to help you verify cardholder information so you can complete transactions with peace of mind.

Financing Options

Thinking of expanding your business? We can help! Direct Payment Group processes applications for SBA Loans, Term Loans, Lines of Credit, Unsecured Working Capital and Receivable Financing.

Aviv Baron, Founder 

In my youth, I’d spend my weekends helping my dad at the chain of retail stores he owned. I got to learn about the many hats he wore as a small business owner and the sacrifices he made to provide for our family. 

When I entered the financial services space, I spoke with thousands of business owners about their goals and the different methods they used to achieve them. Having the experience from my childhood allowed me to better communicate with them about their needs. 

It became clear to me that, like my father, many business owners missed out on key sales information that is necessary for growth. 

With that understanding, my WHY was born.

Direct Payment Group is an extension of myself. My goal is to help bring clarity to owners and operators about the services they use and how they can best utilize them to understand and grow their business. 

We service companies that accept various forms of payments from their customers. 

I hope my story inspired you and I’m looking forward to hearing yours.

[email protected] 

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