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Dispense App for cannabis menu management

Simplifying Cannabis eCommerce

Welcome to Dispense App , the innovative cannabis eCommerce and dispensary management software, expertly designed for the modern dispensary’s needs.

Dispense streamlines the order management process, enabling dispensaries to capture and manage customer orders seamlessly. Our platform enhances sales channels and customer relations, all with no coding required.

Dispense App Marketing Solutions

Our marketing tools increase online orders through SEO optimization, cart abandonment strategies, and loyalty program integrations, empowering dispensaries to drive growth and retain customers.

Operations Management

Efficiently manage all orders across sales channels with Dispense’s operations solutions. From kiosks to queues, time-slotting to order assignments, our system ensures streamlined operations.

Seamless Integrations

Dispense integrates with your POS, analytics, payments provider, and more, creating a cohesive and comprehensive operational ecosystem.

Customer-Approved Experience

Clients appreciate Dispense for its easy navigation, customizability, and quick learning curve, making it a top choice for dispensaries.

Tailored Plans and Support

Explore our plans, featuring online ordering, POS integration, CRM profiles, and analytics. Free onboarding support and additional technical setup assistance are always available.

Supporting Social Equity

Through the Dispense Social Equity Program, we support cannabis entrepreneurship for underrepresented store owners and those impacted by the war on drugs with special pricing options.

Enhancing Single State Operations

Dispense is built for single-state operators, with tools to standardize operations, manage staff, and maintain a consistent customer experience across all store locations.

Empowering Marketing Teams

With Dispense, marketers have a strong foundation for running effective digital campaigns, improving SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, and brand management.

Optimizing Operations Teams

Dispense assists operations teams in managing every order type, including kiosk, delivery, and pickup, ensuring a streamlined customer flow and improved efficiency.

For the latest insights and updates, visit our blog, and to begin optimizing your dispensary operations, reach out at [email protected].

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