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Gemini Twin Consulting

Gemini Twin Consulting for cannabis and psychedelics

Welcome to Gemini Twin Consulting, your expert guide in the burgeoning realms of cannabis, psychedelics, and other emerging markets.

At Gemini Twin, we specialize in building robust infrastructures for ancillary service companies, startups, and multi-state operators, ensuring that your journey through these dynamic sectors is both successful and compliant.

Emerging Market Consultants

With a deep understanding of emerging market dynamics, Gemini Twin Consulting offers unparalleled expertise in navigating the complex landscapes of cannabis and psychedelics. We provide strategic go-to-market and expansion strategies, fine-tune organizational structures, and manage cannabis and psychedelic applications and operations with precision.

Preparing for Adult Use Legislation

As governments around the world begin to embrace adult-use cannabis legislation, Gemini Twin Consulting is here to help your company prepare for the impact of these changes. We understand the nuances of new regulations and can guide you through what to expect as you navigate this evolving legal framework.

Leadership and Expertise at Gemini Twin Consulting

Under the leadership of Leah Heise, a regulatory attorney and seasoned executive in the cannabis industry, our team is well-equipped to steer your company towards growth and success. Leah’s experience in the C-suite and her passion for ethical and compliant industry growth set the standard for the guidance Gemini Twin Consulting provides.

Advocating for Diversity and Compliance

Gemini Twin Consulting doesn’t just focus on the bottom line; we are passionate about fostering diversity within the industry. Our goal is to ensure that the market grows ethically and compliantly, considering both the employees and end-users while delivering returns to shareholders.

Educational Insights

Sydney Heise brings a fresh perspective to the team with her background in public administration and policy, alongside her experience with federal and state cannabis lobbying efforts.

Together, the team at Gemini Twin Consulting provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is invaluable to any business in the emerging markets.

For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, please visit our contact page.

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